On Being Creatively Constipated

A friend of mine commented the other day, “I noticed you haven’t been posting as much as you used to.” It’s true, and it bothers me. Writing infrequently in recent months has morphed into some combination of guilt, frustration, and shame. Maybe you can relate regarding some creative endeavor of your own? I feel like […]

Commit and Trust

I am all over the place with my writing. Do I focus on blogging? Writing articles? Am I supposed to write a book? Pitch to editors? Put together an e-book and gather email addresses for my blog? Am I creating enough of a social media presence? Do I know my nitch? Am I focused? I […]

Writing With Grace: Writing Course Sign-Up Launch Today

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Maya Angelou I am so excited to share this amazing opportunity for those of you have a story inside you. Sometimes it is hard to claim it. To say: “I am a writer.” But if you are looking at the world and you see illustrations […]

The Almost Not a Post

Here’s my post for tonight: I got a good one going for tomorrow. And I want to keep working on it. But it’s not ready yet, and since’s I’m in a #write31days challenge and have posted every other day so far, I must get something written tonight. Today I belonged to my children and my […]

Belonging Day 23: On Writing

  I’m tired of writing so I guess it’s time to write about it. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve posted something on my blog for 23 days in a row! There is a movement among bloggers to push themselves to write daily during the month of October, called #write31days. Several thousand people join simply for […]

Day 11: There’s Enough Pie

Last night I cracked open one of the three books I’d just received in the mail. All three were by authors who are members of my writing community. Since being accepted into the Redbud Writer’s Guild, I have been encouraged by what it means to belong to and create with others who share the same […]

31 Days 2015: Belonging

  I started writing though blogging. That was a little over two years ago and in that time, I’ve come to need to write. I’ve inched my toe right up the ocean of an online writing presence, where I could just barely feel the joy and chill of the water, only to pull it quickly […]