Advice for Having a Natural Birth

Natural childbirth is a philosophy of childbirth that is based on the belief that women who are adequately prepared are innately able to give birth without routine medical interventions. The goal of delivery is always to have your baby in your arms at the end, with as little trauma to everyone as possible. So I […]

HerStory: Michele

Michele is the wife of one of my husband’s best buddies from childhood, Tim. Oddly enough, Josh and I and Tim and Michele share the same anniversary date, only five years apart. So last year, for our 10th and their 5th, we decided to take a couples vacation to Mexico together to celebrate. You cross […]

HerStory: Meet Kirsten

Kirsten…one of my besties, my soul friend since before kids.  She was one of the first people I could confess ANYTHING to and feel safe about it; so we became accountability partners and the rest was history. Even with all of my moving around the country, we’ve been able to maintain our close friendship, which […]

Faith and Gender: Consider Me a Compligalitarianist

I wasn’t even familiar with the role-defining terms, complementarian and egalitarian, until a couple of years ago. I was married to my best friend, we had our own easy rhythm and a relationship where I always felt equal and respected. We had different roles within our work and home life, but they were mutually agreed […]

HerStory: Meet Amy

I couldn’t be more thankful for any of you. Really, whether I know you personally or not, to have you come along side me at least in virtual friendship by reading my blog is an honor. I hope to introduce oh-so-many of you in the HerStory feature…as many of you who are willing to share! […]

HerStory: Bev

Bev is the first person featured as a HerStory post that I haven’t actually met yet (but hope to!). A few months ago I was considering signing up for Mary Kay to get the discount and came into contact with her. Ever since we talked on the phone for awhile and I told her about […]

HerStory: Meet Mimi

Mimi is the very first in what I hope to be a very regular part of this blog: HerStory.  I want to share the stories of as many women as possible, in mostly their own words.  We are all created with divine precision, with different pasts, tragedies and triumphs, gifts and desires.  Thank you Jesus, […]