So You Think You Have A Boring Testimony?

We were finally sitting around a camp fire after several miles of hiking on a women’s backpacking trip I was leading in the Weminuche mountains of Colorado. The tents were pitched, the dehydrated meals had been reconstituted and we had nothing but a sunset to gaze at and time to kill. Someone suggested that everyone […]

HerStory: Meet Christy

My story in a few sentences: I am an overachiever who always believed in God but thought I was the architect of my own life. It took me a while to learn that since all my gifts are not my own but from Him, I needed to believe Him instead of just believing in Him. […]

HerStory: Meet Kirsten

Kirsten…one of my besties, my soul friend since before kids.  She was one of the first people I could confess ANYTHING to and feel safe about it; so we became accountability partners and the rest was history. Even with all of my moving around the country, we’ve been able to maintain our close friendship, which […]