HerStory: Jenn

Jenn was one of the first women I connected with after moving to Hoboken, NJ. She was immediately welcoming and invited us to her family’s BBQ one of the first weekends we tried a new church (where we ended up staying). In our two years together there, Jenn became a close friend. We were in […]

HerStory: Meet Lisa

Lisa and I met on-line. 🙂 She was looking for a domain name and one thing led to another and well…she found my blog. She couldn’t believe all the similarities between us, touched base and we connected over the phone. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to have her in my life, even if […]

HerStory: Bev

Bev is the first person featured as a HerStory post that I haven’t actually met yet (but hope to!). A few months ago I was considering signing up for Mary Kay to get the discount and came into contact with her. Ever since we talked on the phone for awhile and I told her about […]

HerStory: Meet Mimi

Mimi is the very first in what I hope to be a very regular part of this blog: HerStory.  I want to share the stories of as many women as possible, in mostly their own words.  We are all created with divine precision, with different pasts, tragedies and triumphs, gifts and desires.  Thank you Jesus, […]