One Thing To Lose During Advent

I have felt introverted lately. At least in my on-line presence. I don’t want to post on social media much and don’t want to blog much. And I couldn’t put it into words until someone in my writing group shared this quote recently: “Every poet and musician and artist, but for Grace, is drawn away […]

Peace in the Chaos

I should be coming undone right now… I have lots of littles. (Always a complexity factor). I just got done working full time hours for six weeks (when i usually work less than 1/2 that). We’re in the middle of a move. (Why do we have ants in our pants? We’re always moving but at […]

The Great Joy Killer

I was sure that I was going to die on my last flight. Not because of turbulence or trouble in the air; it was my fear before I even got on it. Just as I’m sure I’ll probably have a fatal blood clot sometime during this pregnancy and leave my kids motherless. Or something will […]