On Moving

I find myself surrounded yet again by boxes. Tall, white wardrobe boxes. Short, shallow boxes for books. Medium boxes that can accommodate lamps, pillows, and art. I’ve packed up a home so many times before, it has a familiar rhythm-one that isn’t all that unwelcome. The possibility of a new start and fresh aesthetic extends a welcome […]

On Moving

The hardest part of moving isn’t negotiating a home sale, packing boxes, unpacking boxes, changing your address, navigating a whole new map, visiting the DMV and finding all the places needed to do life. The logistics of moving are pretty challenging, but they can be dealt with one step, one day at a time. It’s the […]

On Love and Leaving: Moving Away…Again

Photo Credit: Tara Fletcher Photography By the way…this is stream of consciousness writing. It’s not great, I didn’t really edit and I am o.k. with it. But I guess not o.k. not to say anything. I haven’t gotten to blog in several weeks and just wanted to let you all know what’s going on! XO […]

On Moving and Grace

Old digs as we were packing up… It is finished. Our move is over. And before I jump into the lighter posts of showing you all of our nooks and crannies with just the right Instagram filter, there will be this post. I believe I will forever have a new appreciation of  (I don’t appreciate it) […]

Peace in the Chaos

I should be coming undone right now… I have lots of littles. (Always a complexity factor). I just got done working full time hours for six weeks (when i usually work less than 1/2 that). We’re in the middle of a move. (Why do we have ants in our pants? We’re always moving but at […]