To All the Burned Out Mamas

Sheer unmitigated relief. Meg Hutchinson’s dusky indie folk voice serenades through the speakers, entangling with the current of an autumn scented candle. A mother sits in the peace of her still kitchen. Shellshocked. Teary. Happy. So this is what it used to feel like? Quiet? Peaceful? She sips her jasmine green tea and honey and […]

Long Days of Small Things

  My word this year is compromise. It’s a word that has been more incorporated into my life since motherhood found me eight years ago. I’m constantly deciding between choices that feel decidedly less-than ideal, something’s always getting compromised… The amount of sleep I get versus productivity in meeting my goals. Writing versus being a present […]

Motherhood Is…

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My seasons of infertility, pregnancy, and childbirth are over; and I am in awe that I’m in full-swing motherhood! I am so thankful for my four and wanted to reflect on how motherhood has changed my life, in the good ways and the hard ways. I spent some time this morning […]

What Breastfeeding Is Teaching Me About God

  I know many of you have already heard, but just in case you haven’t….I’m at Today’s Christian Woman this week with an article on breastfeeding. I am definitely not a militant pro-breastfeeding person, I understand and have personally experienced that it’s not always the best choice for mom and baby. But this time, feeding […]

Going Postal on Your Kids & Other Things You Don’t Want to Do

This morning I lost it. Full on crazy-eyed, belong-in-the-loony-bin bonkers. One can only take so much. And this morning the combination of freshly laundered sheets soaked in urine, basket of hair pretties being spilled all over the bathroom floor, stinky diapers, toast crumbs being flung everywhere, four kids asking for four things at once, husband […]

Transitioning Your Baby to Self Sleep

Dear Young Mama, You’re going to be o.k. You’ll find your way. Give yourself time, it all takes time. Your jeans will fit again. Things will be different, but your new normal will probably surprise you in a good way…eventually. Your baby will sleep through the night and these sleepless nights will be a distant […]

Joy 360

My friend Julie Holly is an extremely talented writer and blogs at This week I was honored to be a part of her Joy 360 series, reflecting on the topic of joy. I wrote about how I experienced the full extent of joy because of a dark time in my life; when I was […]