To All the Burned Out Mamas

Sheer unmitigated relief. Meg Hutchinson’s dusky indie folk voice serenades through the speakers, entangling with the current of an autumn scented candle. A mother sits in the peace of her still kitchen. Shellshocked. Teary. Happy. So this is what it used to feel like? Quiet? Peaceful? She sips her jasmine green tea and honey and […]

End of Summer Reflections

Summer is drawing to a slow close. The daylight hours are slipping away earlier. Mothers like me are cleaning out closets, gathering their children’s school supplies and figuring out the schedule for the coming months. Perhaps we are all longing for a little less spontaneity and vacationing in favor of routine, stability, and the comforts […]

Motherhood Is…

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My seasons of infertility, pregnancy, and childbirth are over; and I am in awe that I’m in full-swing motherhood! I am so thankful for my four and wanted to reflect on how motherhood has changed my life, in the good ways and the hard ways. I spent some time this morning […]

Day 25: They Belong to Us For a Moment

After a 3 1/2 hour car ride yesterday morning back from Michigan, a run was in order. It didn’t need to be long, just a quick, inspirational jaunt through the woods across the street from our home. The trail starts in a grassy field and gives way to winding through groves of gold. The quiet […]

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Kids say lots of things that we attribute to the fact they’re kids. They mess up grammar: “Her wants me to come play.” They are completely honest: “Mom, you look SOOO much prettier with your makeup on!” (yep, got this one just yesterday). They love potty talk: let’s just skip this example. But sometimes children say […]

13 Observations on Parenting Young Kids

1. Bladders and bowels are apparently very active at night. How many times have the kids needed “to go poop” or “potty” after they’ve put down for the night? Countless times. Every time actually. It’s very convenient because how can you tell your kid, “No, I’m sorry, you can’t go poop right now.” 8/10 they […]

Fearlessly Joyful

Today is my eldest daughter’s sixth birthday. Oh, that is lovely and sad all at the same time. You all know it like I know it. Watching our kids grow up marks the passing of time like nothing else does; I wish I could hold on to every moment that is slipping through my hands […]

The Ache of Parenting

To every parent that has gone before me and tells me either “it goes so fast” or “the days are long and the years are short,” you win. You’re right. I totally believe you…. and I’m even starting to say those things myself. I’m already blue at the prospect of my four littles growing older […]

Raising Healthy-Minded Kids

A Guestpost by Nicole Douglass My kind, nerdy, tender-hearted, artsy, ten-year-old lay on the floor in her darkened room, eyes wet with frustration as she lamented that her six year-old-sister could do more push-ups than she.  We had a sweet discussion about how every person possesses different strengths and then I asked “Do you know […]

Celebrating Advent with Kids: DIY and Readings

A guest post by Andrea Doornbos Advent means “coming,” it’s when Christians anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ. I grew up celebrating Advent; every night before we ate dinner we would do a short Advent reading and light the Advent candles. For those of you not familiar with how it works, here is a quick […]