Holidays for the Hurting: Joy

One of my sweet Redbud sisters is offering us all a gift. 25 Devotions to Help You Heal is a devotional on finding healing in the midst of the hurting that holidays often expose. Take a moment to be quiet and reflect with the excerpt from her book: Joy excerpt from Elisabeth Klein’s Holidays for […]

Fearlessly Joyful

Today is my eldest daughter’s sixth birthday. Oh, that is lovely and sad all at the same time. You all know it like I know it. Watching our kids grow up marks the passing of time like nothing else does; I wish I could hold on to every moment that is slipping through my hands […]

Joy 360

My friend Julie Holly is an extremely talented writer and blogs at This week I was honored to be a part of her Joy 360 series, reflecting on the topic of joy. I wrote about how I experienced the full extent of joy because of a dark time in my life; when I was […]

The Great Joy Killer

I was sure that I was going to die on my last flight. Not because of turbulence or trouble in the air; it was my fear before I even got on it. Just as I’m sure I’ll probably have a fatal blood clot sometime during this pregnancy and leave my kids motherless. Or something will […]

A Non-Pinterest Worthy Frozen Birthday Party

So…. my oldest daughter just turned five (tear). (Isn’t it amazing how life just sort of accelerates after you have kids? At this rate, I’ll be 90 tomorrow.) Anyway, I really love to make my kids’ birthdays a big deal because I want them to see how loved they are…to celebrate their uniqueness. To have […]