Learning to Lament

In the midst of good in our lives, we fear—because we believe “all good things must come to an end.” Something bad is going to happen, we think—and inevitably, it does. Life isn’t perfect so we experience—at varying degrees of separation—disease, death, relationship heartache, financial trouble, school shootings, and terrorist attacks—just to name a few. […]

Holidays for the Hurting: Joy

One of my sweet Redbud sisters is offering us all a gift. 25 Devotions to Help You Heal is a devotional on finding healing in the midst of the hurting that holidays often expose. Take a moment to be quiet and reflect with the excerpt from her book: Joy excerpt from Elisabeth Klein’s Holidays for […]

I Used to Think Faith Was Black and White

I used to think ____ but now I think _____ . (An #OutofSortsBook synchroblog) Sarah Bessey, my of my favorite authors and bloggers, challenged the on-line community to write a post on their own blogs based on this prompt: “I used to think ____ and now I think ____.”  To tell us a story of how you’ve […]

Belonging Day 21: On Belonging to Another World

From the outside looking in, those of us who base our lives on the words and actions of Jesus and his Word look foolish, different; we stand out. Our relationships and sense of belonging are challenged by the way our choices differ from the norms of this world. As believers, we will have many situations in this life […]

Soul Spa Book Review and Giveaway

This post is part of the Soul Spa blog tour of which I am part of.  At the end of the day, when I’m parked in front of the t.v. folding laundry and calling that rest, I know something is missing. I’m longing for more. In Sharla Fritz’s new book, Soul Spa: 40 Days of […]

So You Think You Have A Boring Testimony?

We were finally sitting around a camp fire after several miles of hiking on a women’s backpacking trip I was leading in the Weminuche mountains of Colorado. The tents were pitched, the dehydrated meals had been reconstituted and we had nothing but a sunset to gaze at and time to kill. Someone suggested that everyone […]

On Moving and Grace

Old digs as we were packing up… It is finished. Our move is over. And before I jump into the lighter posts of showing you all of our nooks and crannies with just the right Instagram filter, there will be this post. I believe I will forever have a new appreciation of  (I don’t appreciate it) […]

Moth and Rust

At this time of the year, I’m plagued with the same affliction as the rest of my American friends: “How on earth can I spend my wealth to buy some temporary crap that will make my family happy for like a minute and end up in the Goodwill pile by next Christmas?”  Oh the choices… […]

Easter Reflections

  The sun is rising over the low hills casting a copper glow and a lonely tree’s shadow stretches narrowly across the meadow.  A dewy mist opens its arms to reveal the small petals than have blossomed. The world is quiet, unaware that heaven is loudly exalting its beloved Messenger’s ascension from the tomb to […]