What Breastfeeding Is Teaching Me About God

  I know many of you have already heard, but just in case you haven’t….I’m at Today’s Christian Woman this week with an article on breastfeeding. I am definitely not a militant pro-breastfeeding person, I understand and have personally experienced that it’s not always the best choice for mom and baby. But this time, feeding […]

HerStory: Meet Lisa

Lisa and I met on-line. 🙂 She was looking for a domain name and one thing led to another and well…she found my blog. She couldn’t believe all the similarities between us, touched base and we connected over the phone. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to have her in my life, even if […]

The Muscle Memory Trap

My five-year old daughter recently started taking piano lessons. I’m so proud. She is learning a great skill that will hopefully give her a lifetime of joy. After watching one of her lessons, I was inspired to get out some of my old piano pieces and see what I could play, even though I hadn’t […]

HerStory: Nicole

Nicole and I met at church and have done a few projects together, but we really got to know each other more this summer when a small group of us did a Bible study called Restless, by Jennie Allen. (Yeah for the intimacy that small groups can provide when people are both real and supportive […]

HerStory: Bev

Bev is the first person featured as a HerStory post that I haven’t actually met yet (but hope to!). A few months ago I was considering signing up for Mary Kay to get the discount and came into contact with her. Ever since we talked on the phone for awhile and I told her about […]

HerStory: Meet Dianne

When you’re a kid, you really have no sense of what your parents are sacrificing for you.  Now, with three little kids of my own, there is not a day that goes by that I’m not transported back to my childhood with new understanding.  As a mother, I finally understand what that sacrifice means, and […]