Home Tour 2018

Welcome to our new home! Home; it’s a word that conjures up memories, thoughts, and emotions. For some, home has been a refuge in which to find solace and grow, others, a dungeon that you couldn’t wait to escape. In our middle years, we find ourselves creating spaces and places that both reflect and reject […]

The Time I Went Gray-zy: Picking the Kitchen Cabinet Color

Some of you know we’re in the middle of having a home built. Exciting! Because we’ve moved so much, this is our 3rd new construction, but it’s our first custom build. For the other homes, we had to pick out a handful of things like paint colors and  tile, but for this one, we’ve had […]

7 Open Back Frame DIY Ideas

Have you been sitting around wondering how to use open back frames in in your DIY projects?  Maybe not.  But read on! Once in awhile, you gotta let me throw in a crafty post.  I know, I know. You’re the crowd pining for healthy living topics and spiritual encouragement.  You’d rather read about the Paleo […]