December Favorite Things

Every so often, I like to share my favorites, because, well…it’s fun. If I was a savvy blogger, I’d have affiliate links and earn money but nope, not that committed of a blogger. I love hearing about other people’s tips and trends, so please comment with anything you’re loving at the end! Buying fair trade […]

Best Non-Commercialized Gift Ideas For Kids and Adults

Christmas is meaningful in a lot of ways; it holds past memories and future expectations for each of us. Our childhood Christmases might be symbolic of our childhoods themselves. The Christmases we want to provide our friends and family members now is representative of entire value systems. I have always LOVED Christmas—the hoopla, the presents, […]

On Not Belonging to Our Belongings

We were created for the Lord. And He gave us everything we needed in the Garden. An abundance, really. Not just a bare bones, run-of-the-mill environment. No, not our God, the great Creator, with limitless imagination and full capacity to bring forth whatever it is he imagines. He fashioned the most beautiful garden, full of […]

Day 11: There’s Enough Pie

Last night I cracked open one of the three books I’d just received in the mail. All three were by authors who are members of my writing community. Since being accepted into the Redbud Writer’s Guild, I have been encouraged by what it means to belong to and create with others who share the same […]

My Favorite Things: 10 Great Gifts

I am a gifter. It’s my love language…I really feel cared for when I get a well thought-out gift and especially enjoy giving them! Today I’m spilling all my secrets; my favorite gifts at every budget. One dollar sign symbol represents about $10 so you can see that most of these are budget friendly! 1. […]

Drop Stitch Cowl

So, I’m just a few short weeks away from delivering baby #4 and I have some big time nesting going on. My desire to clean and craft have sky-rocketed in the last month or so. I’m thinking about all the things I won’t be able to do when the baby comes and I’m sure cleaning […]

Gifts, Passions and Personality

I think I know myself pretty well (a statement for me that comes with the confidence of the mid-thirties…I love this decade!). I’ve taken every practically every personality, spiritual gifts and strengths test there is and could spit out a series of letters and words to describe my make-up and gifts (ESFJ, Maximizer, Activator, Input, Wisdom, Encouragement, […]

Creative Baby Shower Gift- Something For Every Month of the First Year

No matter if you’re in the young children stage of life or not, you’re always going to get baby shower invites. It’s an honor to celebrate with new moms, even if the activities and games get old over the years….(wait, did I say that out loud?) People have really been stepping it up at the […]