Motherhood & a Meal

A couple days ago I had one of those days that I actually realized in the moment the joy that mothering is, that I was called to do it and that God has gifted me with some pretty amazing kids. For once, I was able to be present, not rehashing the past or rehearsing the […]

Why and How to Encourage Pastors

This past Christmas, at the church holiday dinner, I was waiting for the “big presentation” that would surely come to thank our pastors and church leadership for all of their work in the past year. And it didn’t come. Not because people aren’t thankful, but because sometimes, when everyone is working their heart out, it […]

HerStory: Meet Leigh

Let me tell you about Leigh. She’s the amazing, brilliant, loving close friend that was a surprise.  I would have never put us together on paper. Originally. But then I got to know her, and it totally works.  And that just shows if you have a main thing in common (ours is loving Jesus…oh, and […]