DIY Infinity Scarf in 30 Minutes

Sewing is an opportunity to learn patience.  To become totally zen with your thread becoming all tangled, your angles turning out wrong, and the project ending up a Pinterest fail. There are, however, a few projects that are really simple. They don’t take long. You don’t have to cut perfectly straight lines. And…they’re hard to […]

7 Open Back Frame DIY Ideas

Have you been sitting around wondering how to use open back frames in in your DIY projects?  Maybe not.  But read on! Once in awhile, you gotta let me throw in a crafty post.  I know, I know. You’re the crowd pining for healthy living topics and spiritual encouragement.  You’d rather read about the Paleo […]

Easy Boys Belt

My son’s wardrobe is a bit of an afterthought. Mostly because he doesn’t care at all about what he is wearing. In fact, he’d rather wear nothing…and certainly does not want to be dressed in things that would prevent him from getting dirty. During my change of season closet organization, I discovered that a lot […]


Silhouettes. Thank goodness for spell check…I would have never figured out how to spell that word. Basically, I love them. They’re sweet, they invoke a by-gone era and they are so easy to do! What a great way to mark points of time in your kids’ life.  Perhaps a new back-to-school tradition could include updated […]