An Intro to Canva & DIY Family Tree Print

  Have you always wondered how people make their memes or other professional looking images? Of the programs I’ve tried, Canva is a favorite. It’s user-friendly, free (if you stick to free elements), and saves your projects for future editing. I’m going to teach you how to make a beautiful art project you can give […]

Repurposed Wood Tree DIY

Things are busy around here and I’m barely getting time to blog! 🙁 Hopefully the consistency will come back in time…like when the baby is sleeping through the night and our transition from 3 to 4 kids is more complete. If you’re reading this blog post, THANK YOU! I know that you are busy with […]

Celebrating Advent with Kids: DIY and Readings

A guest post by Andrea Doornbos Advent means “coming,” it’s when Christians anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ. I grew up celebrating Advent; every night before we ate dinner we would do a short Advent reading and light the Advent candles. For those of you not familiar with how it works, here is a quick […]

Spirit Bows

When my daughter did a cheer-leading camp as part of her local elementary school, she had the excitement of cheering at the upcoming Friday night football game with the “real cheerleaders.” Well, bless her little heart, she was beside herself with excitement. Being the good, middle class, mini-van-driving, Patagonia-wearing mother that I am, I wanted […]

Drop Stitch Cowl

So, I’m just a few short weeks away from delivering baby #4 and I have some big time nesting going on. My desire to clean and craft have sky-rocketed in the last month or so. I’m thinking about all the things I won’t be able to do when the baby comes and I’m sure cleaning […]

Sharpie and Canvas Craft

A guest post by Holly Dwyer, mama to three adorable boys and crafter extraordinare We sang Fernando Ortega’s “Give Me Jesus” at church this Sunday. It’s such a beautiful, simple song…one of my favorites. I wanted to have those words in my morning devo spot. Step 1: I started by painting a small 4×4 canvas with a […]

Tara’s Photography Tips

Photography Tips is a guest post by photographer Tara Fletcher of Tara Fletcher Photography If you’re a mom, you know that having pictures of your children is important. They grow and change every day. Digital photography has made it easy to have, not one adorable photo of your child eating a cookie, but 20. Yes. […]

The Beauty of Community

com·mu·ni·ty: \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\ 1. a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood) 2. a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc. A couple of weeks ago, some fun and creative family friends of ours held an “art show” to display their daughters’ art and sell […]

DIY Ruler Growth Chart Tutorial

DIY Ruler Growth Chart Tutorial: 1. Assemble supplies. (1 x 8 x 6 high quality pine board, –>it’s called a 1 X 8 if you want to use the hardware store lingo, stain, paintbrush, decal, fine sandpaper, masking tape, sissors.) 2.If you don’t buy the high quality pine board, you will have to sand it […]

Homemade Sugar Scrub

A guest post by Jaci Root This time of year we all have dry skin somewhere. Winter just does that to us. But I have found that an easy homemade sugar scrub can slough off the dry and leave my skin feeling more healthy AND soft. This makes a great gift, too. Follow these simple […]