Ruining the Fairy Tree, A.K.A. Pruning the Branches

Trees. Really, life would not be quite the same without them. A tree is a source-of-life poster child, season banner waver, emblematic proclaimer of his handiwork. And, a great source of entertainment for children given the chance to use their imaginations. Remember what those are? I feel like mine rebelled against me starting around age 12, […]

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Kids say lots of things that we attribute to the fact they’re kids. They mess up grammar: “Her wants me to come play.” They are completely honest: “Mom, you look SOOO much prettier with your makeup on!” (yep, got this one just yesterday). They love potty talk: let’s just skip this example. But sometimes children say […]

A Non-Pinterest Worthy Frozen Birthday Party

So…. my oldest daughter just turned five (tear). (Isn’t it amazing how life just sort of accelerates after you have kids? At this rate, I’ll be 90 tomorrow.) Anyway, I really love to make my kids’ birthdays a big deal because I want them to see how loved they are…to celebrate their uniqueness. To have […]

They’re Watching You

Isn’t this the truth? Our children watch us…our actions, our responses. We can “say” all that we want, but our true teaching will be in the way we discipline, the way we treat our spouses, the way we act towards the slow driver in front of us. We can’t be on or perfect for them […]