Hudson’s Birth Story

Dear Baby Hudson, Here is your birth story… The whole week before you were due I was really cranky, introverted and focused on you coming. I had lower back pain, some sharp pains in my legs and was just low on energy. I kept worrying that you’d come and I wouldn’t be ready or be […]

Getting Organized Before Baby

I’m due with my forth and final baby in 2 days. And I realized that there’s absolutely a process that goes with getting ready for a baby. One that has gotten easier with each one! Today I’m sharing some lists and tips for getting organized before baby comes. These apply to my life, but maybe […]

Gender Reveal: It’s a….

In the spirit of creating fanfare for baby #4, I thought I’d hold out on the gender for a couple weeks and surprise my family with a mini gender reveal party. There weren’t balloons, decorations, favors or invites…just cupcakes. With a middle filling representing the traditional blue if it’s a boy and pink if it’s […]

Creative Baby Shower Gift- Something For Every Month of the First Year

No matter if you’re in the young children stage of life or not, you’re always going to get baby shower invites. It’s an honor to celebrate with new moms, even if the activities and games get old over the years….(wait, did I say that out loud?) People have really been stepping it up at the […]