Better Processed Food Snacks

If you are trying to be somewhat healthy, you know that as a general rule, processed food is something to stay away from. The definition of what constitutes a processed food can vary slightly, but it usually refers to foods that are packaged in boxes, cans or bags. But—it doesn’t have to ALL be on your […]

Lessons From a Horrible Winter

Elsa, the Snow Queen from Disney’s animation hit, Frozen, sang in her declaration of freedom song Let it Go, that “the cold never bothered me anyway.” Well, guess what Elsa?  It totally bothers me. Actually, my heart’s song basically dried right up this Winter. To the point that I would consider my attitude and general demeaner […]

Healthy Meal Replacement Shake

Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking. Or you DO feel like cooking (too much or unhealthy foods), and that’s a problem in your life when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. One way I like to reign in the total daily caloric intake is to make a healthy shake as a meal replacement, […]

What to Consider Before You Take Your Kids to the Doctor

Some of my earliest readers: remember when I told you I wanted to do regular posts called Five to Thrive? Well, it’s been awhile, but I’m bringing them back. Five tips around a health topic; this one’s on things to consider before taking your kids to the doctor. We’ve been pretty sick around here lately, […]

You’re Not Hungry, You’re Just Bored

“I’m hungry!” my daughter petitioned me. “We just had breakfast 45 minutes ago.” “No, but I am. Can I have a snack?” I think it’s not a coincidence that my children have become more hungry since winter has swooped in with full polar vortex force.  All of the sudden they’ve either ALL hit a major […]

30 Ideas to Keep Kids Active Indoors

Oh, winter. You’re kind of a joy-kill, at least for me. I have to admit it’s a struggle to be totally accepting of the temperature, the snow, the isolation.  No running out the door, throwing on some flip-flops and basking in the sunshine.  No lazy afternoons at the lake or the park.  No beautiful breezes […]

Is Sugar the Enemy of Your Health?

Sugar is the new fat.  All of the sudden, it’s hip to hate sugar.  But is it really that bad?  I’ve always had a sweet tooth and felt that my indulgences were justified by my active lifestyle.  However, I took a month last year and did an almost Paleo diet where I consumed no added […]

On Blood and Life: Hope from My Miscarriage

This post is a slightly graphic physical and emotional description of my recent miscarriage.  Just wanted to warn you in case you have sensitivity to this issue. Last Friday morning, around 7 weeks pregnant, I started having signs that I was losing my pregnancy.  “Honey!” I cried to my husband. “I think I’m going to […]

All Natural Cleaning Spray From The Blessed Nest

So I pretty much love to clean.  Wait, it’s more like…I like it clean. Really clean.  So that results in me cleaning a lot.  At one point I asked my husband how I could be a better wife and I got the feedback that I “could relax a little on the cleaning.”  But it’s hard […]

How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

It’s time for another Five to Thrive! This time I am sharing the low down on how to obtain and maintain a healthy weight. I know, what could I possibly add to the universe of weight loss info that hasn’t already been said? Well, this isn’t a diet, or an exercise program, or a cleanse. […]