La Dolce far Niente (The Sweetness of Doing Nothing)

I recently headed to the mountains of Colorado for a 5 day backpacking trip. My husband, Josh, my brother-in-law, Joe, and I finally reunited in the wilderness; I hadn’t joined the guys on a trip in over five years—pregnancy and nursing benched me for awhile. It may seem counterintuitive to choose backpacking as a vacation, it […]

Belonging Day 24: Gaining Eternal Perspective

I’ve been out of town for a few days with the kids and belong with my husband right now. Therefore, I can not be laboring behind a computer all evening…. but I do have this #write31days thing I’m doing and tonight’s no exception. Our trip took us back to Michigan to fulfill an obligation I had […]

The Great Healthcare Chasm

My Story: During my third pregnancy, I had to move to a different state when I was 32 weeks along.  I showed up at my first appointment with my new midwife group, empowered and knowledgeable, with reasonable questions and a clear sense of how I wanted to approach the rest of my maternity care.  The […]

Raising Healthy-Minded Kids

A Guestpost by Nicole Douglass My kind, nerdy, tender-hearted, artsy, ten-year-old lay on the floor in her darkened room, eyes wet with frustration as she lamented that her six year-old-sister could do more push-ups than she.  We had a sweet discussion about how every person possesses different strengths and then I asked “Do you know […]

15 Tips for Prioritizing Exercise

The benefits of moving are well documented, but despite that, people are more sedentary than ever. Lacking the natural outlets of old such as taking care of a farm, walking everywhere or doing laundry with scrub board, we now have to work at getting in enough movement to stay healthy. When people say, “I don’t […]

Hudson’s Birth Story

Dear Baby Hudson, Here is your birth story… The whole week before you were due I was really cranky, introverted and focused on you coming. I had lower back pain, some sharp pains in my legs and was just low on energy. I kept worrying that you’d come and I wouldn’t be ready or be […]

Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

  Encouraging healthy eating habits in kids. My husband jokingly asked if I’m qualified to write this post. We have processed cereals and I let my kids eat a little sugar every day. We probably could eat more veggies and I don’t think an occasional trip to McDonals is the equivolent of poisoning my kids. […]

Comments During Pregnancy

I knew this post was coming, it was inevitable. After 4 pregnancies worth of hearing people’s thoughts, an exchange I had this week reignited my frustration with people’s comments during pregnancy. I had just met a new female colleague at work, and here’s how our very first conversation went: Her: “Oh, you don’t have much […]

My Summer Reading List

Reading brings me a lot of joy because I love IDEAS and INFORMATION and INSPIRATION. So today I’m sharing my summer reading list. Some of them I’ve already gotten through, others are on the list but yet to be cracked, others are in mid-read (yes, I am one of those people that reads 4 books […]

Advice for Having a Natural Birth

Natural childbirth is a philosophy of childbirth that is based on the belief that women who are adequately prepared are innately able to give birth without routine medical interventions. The goal of delivery is always to have your baby in your arms at the end, with as little trauma to everyone as possible. So I […]