Lessons From a Horrible Winter

Elsa, the Snow Queen from Disney’s animation hit, Frozen, sang in her declaration of freedom song Let it Go, that “the cold never bothered me anyway.” Well, guess what Elsa?  It totally bothers me. Actually, my heart’s song basically dried right up this Winter. To the point that I would consider my attitude and general demeaner […]

Thoughts on Parenting in an American Girl Doll World

When is a doll not just a doll?  When it costs $110 and launches me into a full-throttle soul-searching of my parenting values related to one of the American pillars of happiness: material excess.  This past Christmas, like thousands of other little girls, my 4- year-old-daughter had American Girl doll waiting under the tree. Getting […]

How to Find Good Childcare & Love Your Sitter

Good childcare is something that can really enhance the life of a family with young kids.  Whether it’s for work outside the home, date nights, girls activities, one on one time with individual children or serving in various ways, I find that I depend on others to watch my children for a variety of reasons. […]

No One Wants to Be Friends With Perfect People

One of my all time favorite characters on Saturday Night Live is Penelope.  She can not listen to anyone say anything without adding her extravagant one-upper story.  The humor comes in the irony of her trying to convince everyone how much better she is than them, the very thing that makes her so utterly unappealing.  Though […]

4 Strategies from Proverbs to Help You Face Your Crazy Relatives

Here we are- the week we have waited for all year long- Christmas week!  Chances are, you’re going to be celebrating with some friends and extended family in the next few days.  And if so, chances are there’s a nut or two in the bunch.  Wait.  Strike that.  Let’s just call them “extra-grace-required.”  The ones […]

20 Ways to Bless Your Husband

Marriage takes work.  Well, let’s be more precise – to have a good marriage takes work.  And to have a great marriage takes a lot of work.  It’s a linear “relationship,” because it’s like most important things in life – you get out of it what you put in.  So if you want a blessed […]

The Lesson I Learned From A Blind Woman

So, I went to get a snack at work this afternoon.   Standing in line at my hospital’s cafeteria cash register, clutching a tired looking veggie burger, I just wanted to pay my $2.75 and go.  But this lady in front of me was so slow.  It took her forever to count out her money […]

Raising Kingdom Builders

Just this morning I was woken up pre-dawn by my two oldest when they crawled into bed with me about an hour before they usually get up.  My baby put her syrupy hands all over my favorite leather bag at breakfast (my fault for having it within reach), there was a poop emergency of which […]

Why I Put Sex on My To-Do List: Encouragement for Christian Wives

When I was a teenager, I committed to not have sex until I got married.  Even though I didn’t really know much about sex yet, in the months before I married my husband, I mentally dwelt upon how good it would be and how good I would be at it.  In my little niave mind, […]

They’re Watching You

Isn’t this the truth? Our children watch us…our actions, our responses. We can “say” all that we want, but our true teaching will be in the way we discipline, the way we treat our spouses, the way we act towards the slow driver in front of us. We can’t be on or perfect for them […]