I hosted  a Bible study at my house for a few weeks this summer and one thing emerged as a theme. Though we had a group of bright, warm and intelligent women assembled, I was surprised to hear that nearly all of us were still hungry for deep friendship in our lives. If you looked […]

Dear Daughter As You Start Kindergarten

Instead of beautiful scrapbooks, my kids have three ring binders of memorabilia that I stick in plastic sleeves. Sorry kids, your stuff is going to be falling out all over you as you make your spouse suffer through looking at your hospital baby bracelet in 25 years. I decided early on that, both for them […]

The Capri Pants Compromise

This morning I asked my daughter, “Do you know what capris are?” “Yeah,” she said. “Short pants.” Pre-kids, my husband and I went on a wonderful trip to Italy. All the good things you’ve heard are all true. The food really is magical; I particularly remember a three-hour dinner where the wine was like water […]

A Non-Pinterest Worthy Frozen Birthday Party

So…. my oldest daughter just turned five (tear). (Isn’t it amazing how life just sort of accelerates after you have kids? At this rate, I’ll be 90 tomorrow.) Anyway, I really love to make my kids’ birthdays a big deal because I want them to see how loved they are…to celebrate their uniqueness. To have […]

Why and How to Encourage Pastors

This past Christmas, at the church holiday dinner, I was waiting for the “big presentation” that would surely come to thank our pastors and church leadership for all of their work in the past year. And it didn’t come. Not because people aren’t thankful, but because sometimes, when everyone is working their heart out, it […]

Gender Reveal: It’s a….

In the spirit of creating fanfare for baby #4, I thought I’d hold out on the gender for a couple weeks and surprise my family with a mini gender reveal party. There weren’t balloons, decorations, favors or invites…just cupcakes. With a middle filling representing the traditional blue if it’s a boy and pink if it’s […]

Baby Number 4

We’re expecting baby number 4! Whoo hoo! I’m so excited. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d be blessed with four kids. Motherhood has taken me by surprise. I knew early in life that I had an adventurous heart, one that wanted to travel and experience new things. What I didn’t know is […]

What Makes Motherhood So Deliciously Life-Altering?

What makes motherhood so deliciously life altering? It is not the laundry, the cooking, the shuttling children between sports and activities. No, it’s not the tasks that come with having children that define our roles as mother. In all mothers’ hearts we know that in the intensity and uniqueness of the mother-child relationship, we are […]

Faith and Gender: Consider Me a Compligalitarianist

I wasn’t even familiar with the role-defining terms, complementarian and egalitarian, until a couple of years ago. I was married to my best friend, we had our own easy rhythm and a relationship where I always felt equal and respected. We had different roles within our work and home life, but they were mutually agreed […]

Helping Kids Through Fears

I just got back from Florida. It was a quick 2 1/2 day trip where I soaked in the sun, warm, and beach. Three great people were willing to watch my 21-month old during the time I was gone and I got to take just Marin, almost 5 and Judah, 3 for some fantastic quality […]