Belonging Day 8: Celebrate The Ones Who Belong to You

Poor Lou. She’s got the roughest spot in the fam. Marin’s the firstborn child and family boss. Judah is the firstborn son and family peacemaker. Hudson is the baby with lots of charm and personality and he gets doted on. And Lucia, she’s #3 out of 4. A lot of time she feels like she […]

Belonging Day 6: Overcomer

Today is Day #6  for the #write31days challenge on belonging. One of the main problems affecting our ability to experience belonging is shame. So today I want to introduce you to a book being released today, written by one of my fellow Redbud authors, called Overcomer.  Too many women have allowed shame to condemn and […]

Belonging Day 5: The Husband List and an Album Review

Artist Credit: Betony Coons, of Giants and Pilgrims. Album cover of their latest compilation, Becoming. When I was 15 or so, like other good Christian teenage girls who dreamed of getting married, I made a list. The list. All the qualities I needed my future husband to have. Anyone with me here? Surely one of […]

Belonging Day 4: You’re Not the Only One

Hey there friend, Are you ever lonely? Me, too. Do you feel like everyone around you has friends—the kind of friendships that you crave? Ones where you go deeper than talking about the weather, the kids and your schedule? Me, too. Do you stand at the sink in the kitchen and look at the window […]

Belonging Day 2: What Does It Mean to Belong?

It took me just a few minutes of considering the 31 day writing challenge for this word to pop into my head: belonging.  It’s not surprising really. Even though I’ve never dwelt on that word before, we recently moved and I know the feeling of not belonging. To kick off this #write31days challenge, I thought […]

On Love and Leaving: Moving Away…Again

Photo Credit: Tara Fletcher Photography By the way…this is stream of consciousness writing. It’s not great, I didn’t really edit and I am o.k. with it. But I guess not o.k. not to say anything. I haven’t gotten to blog in several weeks and just wanted to let you all know what’s going on! XO […]

The Gift Of Letting Others Cry

A Guest Post by Nikki Douglass A few months ago I spent an evening with a group of ladies discussing a book we all read. At one point, a woman began crying—sharing a few of her own fears and struggles. These ladies weren’t best friends—everyone knew each other’s first names at least—but this wasn’t a […]

On Moving and Grace

Old digs as we were packing up… It is finished. Our move is over. And before I jump into the lighter posts of showing you all of our nooks and crannies with just the right Instagram filter, there will be this post. I believe I will forever have a new appreciation of  (I don’t appreciate it) […]

Blogging Sabbatical

For weeks,  I’ve wanted to quit blogging. When I started a little over a year ago, I had visions of sharing such insightful things that the blog would just take off without much effort. I’d have hundreds of readers that interacted frequently and I’d become a “presence” in my piece of the online world. Well, […]

100 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

I could write this post every day and it would be different. But at this moment, I feel profoundly grateful, and I want to document the first 100 things that come to mind…right at this point in time, December 24th, 2014. 2014 has been a fun year; one where God continues to work all things […]