Crock-Pot Bean & Bacon Soup Recipe

Crock-pot meals are so convenient when you have a busy day ahead.  You get to eliminate all that evening prep and clean-up.  That’s why we love them, right?  However, when they taste like crock-pot meals, they’re not always my favorite. You know…when the meat, veggies and starch all take on the same color and flavor? […]

All Natural Cleaning Spray From The Blessed Nest

So I pretty much love to clean.  Wait, it’s more like…I like it clean. Really clean.  So that results in me cleaning a lot.  At one point I asked my husband how I could be a better wife and I got the feedback that I “could relax a little on the cleaning.”  But it’s hard […]

Mediterranean Chicken With Tzakizi Sauce Recipe

On one epic girlfriend road trip, there were several memorable events.  One was getting thrown out of the boat during a Colorado River whitewater rafting expedition.  (Can’t believe I found the photo of it.) Another was running nearly naked through a small stretch of state park on a dare.  (No photos of this, nor would […]

Fall Themed Surprise Party & My Caramel Corn Recipe

I love surprise parties so I was super excited when a friend, Katie, contacted me about throwing a surprise party for our mutual friend Cindi’s 30th birthday.  Since entering the aforementioned decade can be intimidating, we wanted to let her know how special she is to a lot of people. Katie was planning to take […]

Delicious Chicken, Butternut Squash, & Quinoa Stew

When a day starts out with 2/3 of your children having wet the bed, 1/3 of your children falling 1/2 way down the stairs and you only have 1/4 of your sanity… there is a 8/10 chance that you will order pizza for dinner. Unless you have a few easy dinners in mind…like this one. […]

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Have you ever tried to make your own vanilla extract? This is my first time, so I am excited to see how it turns out. It’s natural, cost-effective, and apparently the flavor is incredible. Natural: Just two ingredients, no synthetic or imitation flavors. The recipe is essentially 3-5 whole vanilla beans per cup of an […]

Fall Embodied in a Muffin

There is nothing like Fall. My absolute favorite season. The mild temperature, football, apple orchards, returning to routine. What’s not to love?  Maybe winter coming, but I don’t have to think about that until later. Do I? Fall inspires me to nest…and one way this manifests itself is baking. After tweaking several recipes, I bring […]

Chai Tea Latte Mix

It is simply my coffee. I could go the rest of my life without another cup of coffee, but barely a day without a chai tea latte. Brand of preference: Oreg0n Chai. In the case that I should be located in a place without chai, I get panicky, and start brainstorming what is the closest […]

Red Wine Vinaigrette

With the end of summer fast approaching, the vegetable produce is in it’s prime.  We here at The Blessed Nest are frequenting the local farmer’s market and harvesting bits from our first year garden with glee. Lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli,  tomatoes… the rainbow of colors and flavors sway the senses. We love to eat salads every […]