Zucchini Bread Recipe

I need a few recipes in my back pocket for when friends are coming over the next day or I need an edible teacher gift, etc. Here’s one that has been a favorite of mine for years, ever since my mom made it for me as a little girl. The recipe that I had followed […]

Ground Turkey, Veggies and Rice

  You know I don’t love cooking. It’s not the process of it really. It’s the process of it while trying to manage 4 kids. And then all the clean-up. Yikes. So I try to keep it simple and cook earlier in the day. I meal-plan a month at a time so I don’t have […]

Three Fall Recipes

It’s fall, y’all and I love it. It beckons me out to enjoy the sights and smells of nature in her glory and beckons me in—to my kitchen. I belong everywhere in the fall. So that’s why tonight I’m throwing out three fall recipes you might like to try to enhance the season. They’re perfect […]

Simple Homemade Artisan Bread

Ever been intimidated by the thought of making homemade bread? Me too. So I searched and FOUND easiest yeast bread recipe ever. I couldn’t believe it. Really? I can get the same rounded Artisan bread I’d be charged $5 for at the farmer’s market? For a fraction of the price and minimal effort? Well, hallelujah. I […]

Get in my Belly Foods From Costco

So I’m writing…when I can. But that isn’t very often at the moment; even though I have so much in my head I want to share, it always takes longer than I intend it to to get it on paper. So, I’m cheating a little bit and the only kind of posts I can finish at […]

Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

Are you putting the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving menu this weekend like I am? I know a lot of us are tied to the commitment to tradition, but maybe it’s time to branch out and consider adding this tasty dish! I was introduced to it by my in-laws and it quickly became a favorite. […]

Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix

It’s the return of schedules, shorter days, kids in school…and the time of year where hot drinks begin to reign again. Starbucks brings back the favorites you’ve looked forward to for several months….like the Pumpkin Spice Latte. So you buy your first one, and then the total comes… that’ll be $4.65 please. What!? Stop the […]

Peach Cobbler Recipe

The lazy days of summer are coming to a close. (Tear) One of the best ways to mark the passing of summer into fall is when the ripe, juicy peaches come into season. Yum! August means nature’s candy is in full bloom. They’re begging to be eaten, canned or baked into peachy goodnesss. Yesterday I […]

Monthly Meal Plan

I always wish I was more organized, perfectly frugal and fantastically healthy about all things food and meals. You know, like: …do all my cooking for the month in a day…. ….only buy on sale, following the 6 week sale patterns of grocery stores….(and then stock up and bring extras back to my perfectly organized […]

Buster Bar Dessert

If you need a summer dessert and don’t have dairy restrictions, this one will NOT disappoint. It’s called Buster Bar Dessert because it mimics the treat of the same name at Dairy Queen, but it’s even better! Everything you crave in one dish;  it’s been known to bring grown men to their knees begging for […]