Fearlessly Joyful

Today is my eldest daughter’s sixth birthday. Oh, that is lovely and sad all at the same time. You all know it like I know it. Watching our kids grow up marks the passing of time like nothing else does; I wish I could hold on to every moment that is slipping through my hands […]

Transitioning Your Baby to Self Sleep

Dear Young Mama, You’re going to be o.k. You’ll find your way. Give yourself time, it all takes time. Your jeans will fit again. Things will be different, but your new normal will probably surprise you in a good way…eventually. Your baby will sleep through the night and these sleepless nights will be a distant […]

Joy 360

My friend Julie Holly is an extremely talented writer and blogs at Peacequility.com. This week I was honored to be a part of her Joy 360 series, reflecting on the topic of joy. I wrote about how I experienced the full extent of joy because of a dark time in my life; when I was […]

The Ache of Parenting

To every parent that has gone before me and tells me either “it goes so fast” or “the days are long and the years are short,” you win. You’re right. I totally believe you…. and I’m even starting to say those things myself. I’m already blue at the prospect of my four littles growing older […]

Raising Healthy-Minded Kids

A Guestpost by Nicole Douglass My kind, nerdy, tender-hearted, artsy, ten-year-old lay on the floor in her darkened room, eyes wet with frustration as she lamented that her six year-old-sister could do more push-ups than she.  We had a sweet discussion about how every person possesses different strengths and then I asked “Do you know […]

Celebrating Advent with Kids: DIY and Readings

A guest post by Andrea Doornbos Advent means “coming,” it’s when Christians anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ. I grew up celebrating Advent; every night before we ate dinner we would do a short Advent reading and light the Advent candles. For those of you not familiar with how it works, here is a quick […]

10 Reasons Having the 4th Baby Is Easier Than Having the 1st

Before I had kids and even when I had just my first baby, I glorified mothers of multiple children. “Oh my gosh, how on earth do they do it?” Well friends, now I’m living it and the good news is that it doesn’t get exponentially harder with each addition to the family. There are for […]

Hudson’s Birth Story

Dear Baby Hudson, Here is your birth story… The whole week before you were due I was really cranky, introverted and focused on you coming. I had lower back pain, some sharp pains in my legs and was just low on energy. I kept worrying that you’d come and I wouldn’t be ready or be […]

Getting Organized Before Baby

I’m due with my forth and final baby in 2 days. And I realized that there’s absolutely a process that goes with getting ready for a baby. One that has gotten easier with each one! Today I’m sharing some lists and tips for getting organized before baby comes. These apply to my life, but maybe […]

Newborn Sleep Tips

  I was just talking to a sweet friend in the throws of early motherhood the other day…and she was tired.  It reminded me, that is such a hard stage in life, and one where the entire family life gets disrupted for awhile.  It seems like the milestone where everyone can take a breath after […]