Day 31: Halloween

You would think I would end the #write31days series on belonging with something deep, something profound. But I am not—I’m writing about Halloween.  Specifically, in the debate between Christians to or not to celebrate, why I belong to #teamhalloween. Growing up in my Christian circle you could “sort of” celebrate and still be a good […]

Three Fall Recipes

It’s fall, y’all and I love it. It beckons me out to enjoy the sights and smells of nature in her glory and beckons me in—to my kitchen. I belong everywhere in the fall. So that’s why tonight I’m throwing out three fall recipes you might like to try to enhance the season. They’re perfect […]

Day 25: They Belong to Us For a Moment

After a 3 1/2 hour car ride yesterday morning back from Michigan, a run was in order. It didn’t need to be long, just a quick, inspirational jaunt through the woods across the street from our home. The trail starts in a grassy field and gives way to winding through groves of gold. The quiet […]

Where Is My Fairy Godmother?

On Belonging to Our Reality It’s four o’clock in the afternoon and in my house, that usually means the witching hour. Something is heating on the burner for dinner, toys are strewn about, the kids are at their highest need levels and I am at my most emotionally burdened point in the day. And there […]

Creativity Takes Courage

  “Creativity Takes Courage” – Henri Matisse Every night my husband and I mechanically whirl through the evening tasks. Dinner served, kitchen cleaned up, kids bathed, teeth brushed, lunches assembled, toilets wiped down, stories read, kids tucked in, bills paid and emails returned. Weary, grateful, angry, cheerful, lonely, filled. The emotions ebb and flow as […]

Belonging Day 13: Not Without My Backpack

This morning as I pulled up into my son’s school in parent drop-off lane, his laid-back demeanor shifted to panic. “I forgot my backpack! And my folder!” His crystal blue eyes quickly filled with tears and as they started spilling, I pulled forward out of the drop-off lane and parked. “Mom, please, we have to […]

Day 9: Not Your Parents’ Parenting

The parenting pendulum swings from generation to generation. When I consider all the ways I belong to this generation of parenting, I’m not sure exactly what I’m swinging from or to, but I do know we’re doing it a little differently. Partly because the world is changing and partly because, well, we want to do […]

Belonging Day 8: Celebrate The Ones Who Belong to You

Poor Lou. She’s got the roughest spot in the fam. Marin’s the firstborn child and family boss. Judah is the firstborn son and family peacemaker. Hudson is the baby with lots of charm and personality and he gets doted on. And Lucia, she’s #3 out of 4. A lot of time she feels like she […]

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Kids say lots of things that we attribute to the fact they’re kids. They mess up grammar: “Her wants me to come play.” They are completely honest: “Mom, you look SOOO much prettier with your makeup on!” (yep, got this one just yesterday). They love potty talk: let’s just skip this example. But sometimes children say […]

13 Observations on Parenting Young Kids

1. Bladders and bowels are apparently very active at night. How many times have the kids needed “to go poop” or “potty” after they’ve put down for the night? Countless times. Every time actually. It’s very convenient because how can you tell your kid, “No, I’m sorry, you can’t go poop right now.” 8/10 they […]