Broken Mouth, Broken World

A month ago my husband and I were hanging outdoor lights to adorn the screened-in porch. You know, the Edison bulb ones everyone’s been getting from Costco? Yeah, those. We also wanted to replicate the feel of the Parenthood set in our backyard. The sounds of our four children frolicking around on the freshly constructed stone retaining wall and concrete […]

Long Days of Small Things

  My word this year is compromise. It’s a word that has been more incorporated into my life since motherhood found me eight years ago. I’m constantly deciding between choices that feel decidedly less-than ideal, something’s always getting compromised… The amount of sleep I get versus productivity in meeting my goals. Writing versus being a present […]

End of Summer Reflections

Summer is drawing to a slow close. The daylight hours are slipping away earlier. Mothers like me are cleaning out closets, gathering their children’s school supplies and figuring out the schedule for the coming months. Perhaps we are all longing for a little less spontaneity and vacationing in favor of routine, stability, and the comforts […]

The One Thing I Can’t Give Away

For nearly five years, our grey and green infant Chicco car seat accompanied me everywhere. I gently rocked it during Bible study (while praying for a nap), it sat next to me on the booth while we dined out (totally frazzled), it secured each of our (often screaming) infants during car rides, and it provided […]

Motherhood Is…

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My seasons of infertility, pregnancy, and childbirth are over; and I am in awe that I’m in full-swing motherhood! I am so thankful for my four and wanted to reflect on how motherhood has changed my life, in the good ways and the hard ways. I spent some time this morning […]

What Would Jojo Do?

I’m over at MKE Moms Blog today gushing on why I love Joanna Gaines… and it’s more than about just her design prowess. An excerpt: You know those WWJD bracelets popular in youth groups in the 1990s? I totally had one. As cheesy as those were, they had a way of making a point. Before you […]

A Thing of Beauty

In my pre-teen years, I was a motivated babysitter. I’d make up games, run around in the yard, and clean up the house—determined to earn every dollar. It was never much in the early 1990s, but still I was excited to get my little stash of folded bills when the parents came home. After one […]

How The Making of a Murderer Challenged My Parenting

  Many people are gaining a fresh perspective on law enforcement, our judicial system, and the way the two are stacked against the underprivileged from the Netflix documentary, The Making of a Murderer—me included. But what surprised me about the show is the ways it gave me pause about how I am raising my kids. […]

One Thing To Lose During Advent

I have felt introverted lately. At least in my on-line presence. I don’t want to post on social media much and don’t want to blog much. And I couldn’t put it into words until someone in my writing group shared this quote recently: “Every poet and musician and artist, but for Grace, is drawn away […]

Best Non-Commercialized Gift Ideas For Kids and Adults

Christmas is meaningful in a lot of ways; it holds past memories and future expectations for each of us. Our childhood Christmases might be symbolic of our childhoods themselves. The Christmases we want to provide our friends and family members now is representative of entire value systems. I have always LOVED Christmas—the hoopla, the presents, […]