New Home Tour: Main Level

Welcome to our new (old) home! I wanted to share some pics of what we’ve been working on since we bought the house in February and moved in in March. Ah, moving. Only to be topped by renovating. Which we had the good sense to do all at once. Most of the house was in […]

My Favorite Things: 10 Great Gifts

I am a gifter. It’s my love language…I really feel cared for when I get a well thought-out gift and especially enjoy giving them! Today I’m spilling all my secrets; my favorite gifts at every budget. One dollar sign symbol represents about $10 so you can see that most of these are budget friendly! 1. […]

Getting Organized Before Baby

I’m due with my forth and final baby in 2 days. And I realized that there’s absolutely a process that goes with getting ready for a baby. One that has gotten easier with each one! Today I’m sharing some lists and tips for getting organized before baby comes. These apply to my life, but maybe […]

Monthly Meal Plan

I always wish I was more organized, perfectly frugal and fantastically healthy about all things food and meals. You know, like: …do all my cooking for the month in a day…. ….only buy on sale, following the 6 week sale patterns of grocery stores….(and then stock up and bring extras back to my perfectly organized […]

Camping with Kids

I love the great outdoors and I really want my kids to, too. Before we had our little brood, my husband and I logged hundreds of trail miles to some of the most beautiful destinations in the country while backpacking. We’d carry 35 or 40 lbs of gear in large backpacks on multi-day treks; we’d […]

Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is here! That means flowers, farmer’s markets, white legs  and….spring cleaning?! Why interrupt all the new opportunities to go outside with indoor work? Well, because Spring brings newness…new hope, life and a chance to be organized. If you already are, more organization is exciting, if you aren’t, more organization is either daunting or something […]

Getting Organized Series: How to Organize Your Life: 10 Practical Ways

Does it really matter if you’re organized? Do you need to organize your life? How does that fit into a Biblical world view?   1 Corinthians 14:40 says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”  (We won’t get into the verses before it which talk about spiritual gifts).  Throughout the Bible, God shows himself […]

Getting Organize Series: Organize Your Closet

So I already had an organized closet.  Using identical hangers, clothes facing the same direction, shirts placed by season and color.  But when I read a post by a blogger who pared her wardrobe down to a 40 Hanger Closet, I was inspired. One of my consumerist struggles is buying too many clothes. I love […]

Getting Organized Series: Organize Your Cleaning & Printable Cleaning Schedule

How would you like to organize your cleaning to have a neat home but spend less time on it?  You can!  You don’t have to spend all your time cleaning to live in a clean environment. You just have to commit to about 30-45 minutes every day (that is including kitchen dishes and post meals […]

Getting Organized Series: Organize Your Mind

By now, you probably already know if you’re organized or not.  But it’s pretty rare to find someone who isn’t interested in trying to get more organized.  So, there should be something for everyone in this series.  Organization allows us to do things more efficiently and with less stress.  And the means it allows more […]