Welcome To Our Home Tour

Welcome!  I wanted to invite you “over” to our house today.  I thought showing you a few of my favorite rooms would offer you a peek into our life. What inspires us, what we consider beautiful, what makes our nest a peaceful place we call home. Everyone has different styles of decorating, and I think […]

Fall Themed Surprise Party & My Caramel Corn Recipe

I love surprise parties so I was super excited when a friend, Katie, contacted me about throwing a surprise party for our mutual friend Cindi’s 30th birthday.  Since entering the aforementioned decade can be intimidating, we wanted to let her know how special she is to a lot of people. Katie was planning to take […]

Metal Basket Lamp Project

Ever been grocery shopping in one-stop-shopping big box store (e.g. Target, Meijer, etc.) and then find your cart being magnetically pulled into the aisles of home decor? (My husband, who analyzes these type of companies for a living, says they try to keep you coming frequently for the food but really make the money when […]

Tips for Photographing Your Kids

I LOVE pictures.  More specifically, I love capturing life in pictures.  You know how you sometimes want to just shake people in my generation and say, “Would you just BE in the moment, instead of trying CAPTURE the moment!”?  Yeah, that’s me.  Guilty. A lot of people say that shooting photographs of kids is really […]

Jute Webbing Table Runner

When I first met jute webbing, it was love at first sight.  Rustic look, earthy smell and texture, the contrast of tan and red.  It was like there were little hobby gnomes that weaved me a perfect product to use in practically all my crafts. But alas, there are no such gnomes. Jute webbing’s origins […]

Family Tree Image Transfer Project

A good friend of mine is having her fourth baby any day now. We were in a heated baby-making competition for awhile, but she has pulled out ahead as she is about to birth her fourth in four years. And she is a superwoman. She has schlepped heavy baby gear (e.g. double strollers) up the […]

Pre-Trip Prep for Flying with Toddlers

Is a vacation really a vacation if you have small children in tow?  The answer, of course, is not really, and we learned this firsthand on our recent jaunt to Colorado. Airline travel can range from a minor inconvenience to actually kind of fun when you’re by yourself or with a significant other.  With small […]

Easy Boys Belt

My son’s wardrobe is a bit of an afterthought. Mostly because he doesn’t care at all about what he is wearing. In fact, he’d rather wear nothing…and certainly does not want to be dressed in things that would prevent him from getting dirty. During my change of season closet organization, I discovered that a lot […]


Silhouettes. Thank goodness for spell check…I would have never figured out how to spell that word. Basically, I love them. They’re sweet, they invoke a by-gone era and they are so easy to do! What a great way to mark points of time in your kids’ life.  Perhaps a new back-to-school tradition could include updated […]