Getting Organized Before Baby

I’m due with my forth and final baby in 2 days. And I realized that there’s absolutely a process that goes with getting ready for a baby. One that has gotten easier with each one! Today I’m sharing some lists and tips for getting organized before baby comes. These apply to my life, but maybe […]

Drop Stitch Cowl

So, I’m just a few short weeks away from delivering baby #4 and I have some big time nesting going on. My desire to clean and craft have sky-rocketed in the last month or so. I’m thinking about all the things I won’t be able to do when the baby comes and I’m sure cleaning […]

Sharpie and Canvas Craft

A guest post by Holly Dwyer, mama to three adorable boys and crafter extraordinare We sang Fernando Ortega’s “Give Me Jesus” at church this Sunday. It’s such a beautiful, simple song…one of my favorites. I wanted to have those words in my morning devo spot. Step 1: I started by painting a small 4×4 canvas with a […]

Tara’s Photography Tips

Photography Tips is a guest post by photographer Tara Fletcher of Tara Fletcher Photography If you’re a mom, you know that having pictures of your children is important. They grow and change every day. Digital photography has made it easy to have, not one adorable photo of your child eating a cookie, but 20. Yes. […]

The Beauty of Community

com·mu·ni·ty: \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\ 1. a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood) 2. a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc. A couple of weeks ago, some fun and creative family friends of ours held an “art show” to display their daughters’ art and sell […]

Family & Maternity Photo Shoot

I love photographs… to take them, to organize them, to make digital photo books. But most of all, I love a photo session with a professional photographer. We’ve only had professional shots taken twice before, but I treasure those pictures so much. Photographers have the eye and talent to bring the personality of our families […]

Monthly Meal Plan

I always wish I was more organized, perfectly frugal and fantastically healthy about all things food and meals. You know, like: …do all my cooking for the month in a day…. ….only buy on sale, following the 6 week sale patterns of grocery stores….(and then stock up and bring extras back to my perfectly organized […]

Camping with Kids

I love the great outdoors and I really want my kids to, too. Before we had our little brood, my husband and I logged hundreds of trail miles to some of the most beautiful destinations in the country while backpacking. We’d carry 35 or 40 lbs of gear in large backpacks on multi-day treks; we’d […]

Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is here! That means flowers, farmer’s markets, white legs  and….spring cleaning?! Why interrupt all the new opportunities to go outside with indoor work? Well, because Spring brings newness…new hope, life and a chance to be organized. If you already are, more organization is exciting, if you aren’t, more organization is either daunting or something […]

DIY Ruler Growth Chart Tutorial

DIY Ruler Growth Chart Tutorial: 1. Assemble supplies. (1 x 8 x 6 high quality pine board, –>it’s called a 1 X 8 if you want to use the hardware store lingo, stain, paintbrush, decal, fine sandpaper, masking tape, sissors.) 2.If you don’t buy the high quality pine board, you will have to sand it […]