A Thing of Beauty

In my pre-teen years, I was a motivated babysitter. I’d make up games, run around in the yard, and clean up the house—determined to earn every dollar. It was never much in the early 1990s, but still I was excited to get my little stash of folded bills when the parents came home. After one […]

One Million Thumbprints

I cried myself to sleep last night; it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Embraced by the power of storytelling; these tears came after reading the reality of war related violence against an Iraqi woman named Amena, which I’ll share below. When I hear about Middle-Eastern violence, or African wars, or sex slavery […]

My #OneWord2016

One of my very best salvage finds was an old bookcase spotte on a morning run; it was propped against a tree on the side of the road adorned with a “FREE” sign. I could have been scared off by the matte black color and cat hair stuck to it, but the bones were good. […]

One Thing To Lose During Advent

I have felt introverted lately. At least in my on-line presence. I don’t want to post on social media much and don’t want to blog much. And I couldn’t put it into words until someone in my writing group shared this quote recently: “Every poet and musician and artist, but for Grace, is drawn away […]

Commit and Trust

I am all over the place with my writing. Do I focus on blogging? Writing articles? Am I supposed to write a book? Pitch to editors? Put together an e-book and gather email addresses for my blog? Am I creating enough of a social media presence? Do I know my nitch? Am I focused? I […]

Holidays for the Hurting: Joy

One of my sweet Redbud sisters is offering us all a gift. 25 Devotions to Help You Heal is a devotional on finding healing in the midst of the hurting that holidays often expose. Take a moment to be quiet and reflect with the excerpt from her book: Joy excerpt from Elisabeth Klein’s Holidays for […]

Ronda Roussey, Paris and Where We Put our Trust

I don’t typically follow the mixed martial arts sport, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC®); seeing people dual it out gladiator-style makes me more than a little uncomfortable. But when a friend mentioned Ronda Rousey—the previously unbeaten favorite—before her Saturday evening fight, I waited for the outcome with interest. It turned out that Rousey, the women’s bantamweight […]

I Used to Think Faith Was Black and White

I used to think ____ but now I think _____ . (An #OutofSortsBook synchroblog) Sarah Bessey, my of my favorite authors and bloggers, challenged the on-line community to write a post on their own blogs based on this prompt: “I used to think ____ and now I think ____.”  To tell us a story of how you’ve […]

Day 31: Halloween

You would think I would end the #write31days series on belonging with something deep, something profound. But I am not—I’m writing about Halloween.  Specifically, in the debate between Christians to or not to celebrate, why I belong to #teamhalloween. Growing up in my Christian circle you could “sort of” celebrate and still be a good […]

On Not Belonging to Our Belongings

We were created for the Lord. And He gave us everything we needed in the Garden. An abundance, really. Not just a bare bones, run-of-the-mill environment. No, not our God, the great Creator, with limitless imagination and full capacity to bring forth whatever it is he imagines. He fashioned the most beautiful garden, full of […]