Home Building Updates

We’ve been building our house for years. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it seems like it. When we moved to Wisconsin the fall of 2015, we looked at homes for a few months and decided that building was the best option for us. We found a lot location that provided walkability to downtown with it’s coffee […]

Clothed in Dignity

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. -Proverbs 31:25 On NPR recently, I heard a story about an abortion demonstration in Texas where abortion supporters wore orange and protestors wore blue. I had deeper thoughts about the content of the story, but one of the peripheral things […]

Tara’s Photography Tips

Photography Tips is a guest post by photographer Tara Fletcher of Tara Fletcher Photography If you’re a mom, you know that having pictures of your children is important. They grow and change every day. Digital photography has made it easy to have, not one adorable photo of your child eating a cookie, but 20. Yes. […]

Family & Maternity Photo Shoot

I love photographs… to take them, to organize them, to make digital photo books. But most of all, I love a photo session with a professional photographer. We’ve only had professional shots taken twice before, but I treasure those pictures so much. Photographers have the eye and talent to bring the personality of our families […]

Comments During Pregnancy

I knew this post was coming, it was inevitable. After 4 pregnancies worth of hearing people’s thoughts, an exchange I had this week reignited my frustration with people’s comments during pregnancy. I had just met a new female colleague at work, and here’s how our very first conversation went: Her: “Oh, you don’t have much […]

The Capri Pants Compromise

This morning I asked my daughter, “Do you know what capris are?” “Yeah,” she said. “Short pants.” Pre-kids, my husband and I went on a wonderful trip to Italy. All the good things you’ve heard are all true. The food really is magical; I particularly remember a three-hour dinner where the wine was like water […]