La Dolce far Niente (The Sweetness of Doing Nothing)

I recently headed to the mountains of Colorado for a 5 day backpacking trip. My husband, Josh, my brother-in-law, Joe, and I finally reunited in the wilderness; I hadn’t joined the guys on a trip in over five years—pregnancy and nursing benched me for awhile. It may seem counterintuitive to choose backpacking as a vacation, it […]

My Interview For “Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Laundry Basket” & A Book Give-away

My friend Jenny Rae Armstrong just wrote an incredible book, Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Laundry Basket, a compilation of creative ideas for wanna-be world changers. I love this book, and not only because she was generous enough to include several friends from her writing community to be a part of it. You will […]

10 Observations from Escape to the Lake 2016

A few weeks ago our family attended our third Escape to the Lake (ETTL). What is ETTL? We all laugh about that question because it’s actually kind of hard to describe. Is it a conference? Is it a camp? Is it a retreat? Is it for artists or fans? Kids, families, or singles? Is it for […]

End of Summer Reflections

Summer is drawing to a slow close. The daylight hours are slipping away earlier. Mothers like me are cleaning out closets, gathering their children’s school supplies and figuring out the schedule for the coming months. Perhaps we are all longing for a little less spontaneity and vacationing in favor of routine, stability, and the comforts […]

A Theological Coming Out

A few weeks ago I co-taught the Bible lessons for a Vacation Bible School program at the Presbyterian church next door. I loved it. I really enjoyed making the stories come alive and thought nothing of the fact that the leaders shepherding the kids through our station were also listening. Along with my co-lead, I […]

The One Thing I Can’t Give Away

For nearly five years, our grey and green infant Chicco car seat accompanied me everywhere. I gently rocked it during Bible study (while praying for a nap), it sat next to me on the booth while we dined out (totally frazzled), it secured each of our (often screaming) infants during car rides, and it provided […]

HerStory: Meet Chelsey

Oh, this girl. She’s pretty amazing. I’m lucky to claim her as family, we’re cousins-in-law (is that a thing?); she married my step-cousin a few years ago. We live geographically far apart, but stay in touch pretty well through social media. When I attended my grandmother’s funeral in North Dakota last month, we were able […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

Why should Oprah get all the fun? It’s natural to share favorite things dotting our lives. We do it in casual conversations with friends constantly… “Have you tried X?” “Did you know about Y?” “We just discovered Z.” So today I’m divulging my current little pleasures, small beauties, and tiny joys. Because today, and every […]

An Intro to Canva & DIY Family Tree Print

  Have you always wondered how people make their memes or other professional looking images? Of the programs I’ve tried, Canva is a favorite. It’s user-friendly, free (if you stick to free elements), and saves your projects for future editing. I’m going to teach you how to make a beautiful art project you can give […]

HerStory: Jenn

Jenn was one of the first women I connected with after moving to Hoboken, NJ. She was immediately welcoming and invited us to her family’s BBQ one of the first weekends we tried a new church (where we ended up staying). In our two years together there, Jenn became a close friend. We were in […]