Home Tour 2018

Welcome to our new home!

Home; it’s a word that conjures up memories, thoughts, and emotions. For some, home has been a refuge in which to find solace and grow, others, a dungeon that you couldn’t wait to escape.

In our middle years, we find ourselves creating spaces and places that both reflect and reject our childhood homes.

I’ve been wanting to invite you “in” for a tour of our newly built home for awhile…but you know…taking pictures. I just kept not getting around to it. We’ve been here for seven months now and I love the memories we’re making. The sounds of my girls running around in costumes, narrating some great adventure, echo across the great room. The smells of my husband’s cooking, permeate my nose and heart, because how did I get so lucky to have this man? My sons safely wander the neighborhood with the other boys, biking, building forts, or sledding, whichever the season beckons. We have found a space to grow: to be challenged, to cry, and to encourage each other.

I’m grateful to have this place to raise our kids, to invite friends over, to dream and pray and mature. A beautiful space has always been something meaningful as well. From the garden level apartment in a sketchy part of Denver, to a 4th floor walk-up in Chicago, to this home, an organized, intentional space was important to me before Pinterest made us all feel less-than.

With the home tour pictures, I tried to make sure the rooms were picked up and clean, but wasn’t aiming for Pinterest perfection. They look like someone stood in the room and took a picture, and that’s what I did.

Soonish, I’ll put together a list of do’s and don’t for the home building process and share it with you.

Thanks for stopping by…I wish this was really me serving you a warm cup of something and listening to what’s going on in your life instead of just a one sided virtual tour. What I would tell you is that no matter what’s happening or what your house looks like, you are LOVED and KNOWN by your Creator.

First Floor

The Entryway

Come on through the 8 foot door! The only problem, we can’t see who’s on the other side. My husband wants to install a peephole, I’m not ready to let that beautiful wood be messed with yet.

Probably my favorite vignette in the house…outdoorsy, earthy, neutral, industrial, rustic. #allthethings

Half Bath

A small, but important space off the entryway.

The Office

This is where we read and write. The orb light, built-in bookshelves, and crown molding give the space a modern, yet classic feel. I adore this paint color, too. It’s so soothing.

Great Room

We made the great room large enough, but not huge. We’ve had 20 foot ceilings before and like the intimate feel of this space, where the ceiling vaults to 12 feet with a reclaimed barn wood beam. We regret not making the fireplace a “real” one, but it’s nice to just flip a switch to get the flames going.


The Mudroom/Laundry Room

This room has the work of dealing with our transitions. My husband and I made many iterations of the mudroom built-in before we arrived at this custom piece, which matches our island cabinet wood. There’s a basket for everything and hooks to keep us organized. The laundry also get done here, so as you can imagine with four kids, I practically never leave this room.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is my baby. (Even though cooking isn’t my favorite). Everyone gathers in the kitchen, so I wanted it to be a well-functioning, beautiful space. The features that make it unique are the farmhouse sink, white subway tile, cabinets to the ceiling, long island, white quartz countertops throughout, a desk with wine rack, open shelving, carriage lights, and grey cabinets.

We went with 4-inch wide white oak flooring. It’s beautiful, but does dent or scratch when things are dropped on it. I think I’d prefer tile in a kitchen…next time?



The kitchen flows into the dining space, which flows into the great room. It’s open concept living with some interspersed walls to keep a bit of separation.

Master Bedroom

A warm gray, crown molding, and an organic light fixture give our bedroom a tranquil feel.

Master Bath

I was torn between the grey tile floors and white subway of the last bathroom we did and this…but the tranquil neutral palette won out.

Second Floor

The Girls’ Room

This room shows the value of how a few small details change the feel of the room. The half wall of bead board and the chandelier were minor upgrades that take the room from builder grade to having more character.

The Upstairs Hallway & Reading Nook


Shiplap–>one wall and that’s all. I love it and kind of wish I’d have done more…but it’s trendy and who knows when people will walk through houses, see shiplap and say, “That’s so dated.”

Hudson’s Room

A standard little boys’ room for a not-so-standard little boy.

Judah’s Room

Our introvert gets the perfect place for building and tinkering in the room at the end of the hall, where the angled ceilings lend the room a cozy feel. The corrugated steel half wall has a whole story-it wasn’t the smoothest installation. Bottom line, it worked out and fits the room.

The Kids’ Bathroom

There’s a shower and toilet behind a pocket door separating it from this space, but no one needs to see pictures of my kids’ toilet.

The Basement

Half the basement is finished and the rest is for storage space. The reading nook below is a real Pinterest copy. 🙂 I saw this and really loved it for under our basement stairs. It adds a custom feel to the basement space and is well loved by the kids for playing house, making forts, and reading.


Another bath and bedroom for guests….

The Exterior

The screened-in porch in the back yard…

I’m hoping your phone or computer didn’t crash with all those pictures in this post. Thanks for checking out our home. Better yet, come visit us IRL.




  1. It’s beautiful! So nicely decorated and a space for everything! But not at all cluttered. Well done!


    Wow, gorgeous!!!

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