Meet Hedgerow Folk: Music Review at Altarwork

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The Hedgerow Folk Compass album coverImagine yourself on the front porch of a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. The fire inside is crackling, pushing puffy plumes of grey out the chimney. Lush hills are rolling across the horizon and the first rays of a glorious orange and pink sunset are appearing. There’s a faint hint of mildew mixed with evergreen being carried by the breeze and a nearby brook swirls and then straightens, off towards the next leg of its journey. This is the place where The Hedgerow Folk’s mountain folk music invited me; a place where nature and God beckon us to sit and rest, to abandon performance and religion and to just be.

Last year, I agreed to introduce a band to the creative arts enthusiasts of ALTARWORK. The site’s founder, Jason, gave me a few band names, encouraging me to discover who’d I be most excited to review. Drawn to contemplative, lyrical sounds of artists like Iron and Wine and Sufjan Stevens, the choice was likely going to be whoever resonated with my chill music palate.

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The Hedgerow Folk – Compass