Home Building Updates

We’ve been building our house for years.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it seems like it. When we moved to Wisconsin the fall of 2015, we looked at homes for a few months and decided that building was the best option for us. We found a lot location that provided walkability to downtown with it’s coffee shops, parks and festivals, access to a walking/running/bike path, and a smallish neighborhood with a variety of generations and plenty of kids.

Starting with one builder and having to change during the planning stages, the process has taken months more than it could’ve. But we’re so close now…I haven’t heard the final date, but hopefully 4-6 weeks?!

This will be the fourth house we’ve owned, so in a way we have been building for years. With each home, we learned more about what we like and want to avoid, and this will be the culmination of many of those preferences.

Amazingly, when we U-haul it across town next month, it’ll be our ELEVENTH move in 15 years of being together. Many of the moves were relocations in the same regions (5 in the Denver area, 2 in Michigan), but still it’s nearly unfathomable that we’ve taken the pictures down, carefully wrapped the mugs, and called the internet guy that many times. We’re looking forward to putting down roots, for our children and ourselves. This house feels like a source of redemption to help create belonging and stability, something I haven’t favored over adventure until now.

And, along with a place to put down roots, this home excites me because…well, it’s beautiful in all it’s farmhouse-craftsman-y goodness.

Oak doors stained dark.

Gray cabinets.

White subway tile.

A 12-foot vaulted ceiling with a barnwood beam.

A reading nook under the basement stairs.

Thick baseboards.

A farmhouse sink.

White quartz countertops with grey veining.

All these charming details I’ve long admired on Houzz and Pinterest are not my prerogative, but a gift for this season.  Do I think they’ll make my life perfect? No. But will I enjoy these features? Heartily.

I’m an aesthetics person; I’m sure I was created this way. I rearranged my bedroom furniture copious times as a young girl. I liked playing Barbies so I could “set up” the house. Before heading to graduate school for nursing, I briefly considered interior design school. Beauty uplifts me, it ministers to my soul to be in lovely spaces-whether an aspen grove, an old chapel, the local nature center—wherever there’s aesthetic inspiration—it points me to God, the original and highest Beauty-maker. Even so, I could live in a yurt and find plenty of beauty (especially if it was plopped down in the middle of a forest). We’ll be holding this place with an open hand, always seeking the voice of God for timing and prompting about where to call home.

For instance, I wouldn’t want to become so comfortable in the new house that I couldn’t give it up and move to Africa if that was our calling. But I plan to enjoy our time there, making memories with our friends and family—especially after the long and artistic process of putting it all together allowed a definitive personal stamp to the space. (And definitely going to have a blog post on some do’s and don’t of building at some point!)

Here are some sneak-peak photos to show how close we are…full house tour pictures after we move in. I hope you come and visit us soon!

The Upstairs Loft and Hallway

IMG_20170223_093331088 (1)

The Mudroom


The Office


 The Kitchen

IMG_20170320_113846559 (1) IMG_20170324_111452635 (1) IMG_20170324_102334817_HDR (1)


The Girls’ Room


The Basement


The ExteriorIMG_20170329_141533195


  1. I can’t wait for the full house tour!!! AND you’ll have to write that do’s and dont’s post soon b/c we are embarking as well. Though, we’ve also been building for years… we bought our land in May 2015 but haven’t broke ground yet. We’ve still got the same builder – we are now just waiting for our house to sell. (Before this, it’s been issues with our house plan). We have a lot of the same tastes 😊😊 yours looks beautiful and gets me even more excited!! And I can relate! Though we won’t hit 11, by the time we move into ours, it’ll be move #9. (With 6 of those since May of 2015! 😱)

    • Wow, Amy…you must be ready to put down some roots, too. I will tag you when I write the do’s and don’t of building! The house plan part is one of the most challenging, so I’m glad you almost have that behind you. Where are you building?