#OneWord365 2017


Are you familiar with the idea of choosing a single word and seeing where it takes you in a year? It’s not too late to join the official movement here:


This past year my word was restore; and did I experience restoration? I think so, yes. More about that in a moment.

It’s both a nebulous and intimate thing to dance with a word for a year. There’s nothing particularly glamorous or magical, but purposefully meditating on a concept for an extended amount of time is always meaningful.

What I like about the #oneword365 movement is the opportunity to be immersed in an idea. Like peeling off the layers of an onion gets us closer to the savory part, unpacking various applications of a word help us apply them to our lives.

We exist in an information rich world, but how much processing do we get to do? To keep going back to a single idea for 12 months brings richer perspective because it’s a dynamic timeframe. There is suffering, joy, stagnation, growth, new people, old people, faith, and doubt and each contributes to deeper understanding and self-reflection.

I usually wait for the word to come to me instead of picking one; and this year a few came—but perhaps the weirdest one won out. My 2017 #oneword365 is…


None of the other 600 and something registered #oneword365 bloggers have chosen that word, because why would you? 🙂

I desire more compromise in my life—even if that sounds a little off. Usually we celebrate those who are uncompromising—in their faith, their values, their discipline.

What I’m realizing is that I might need to compromise more—to find ways to give up some of my ideals in order to make accommodations for something greater than myself. In my marriage, in my political views, in the way I want the family schedule to go, in the way I view my body.

This is something I need to actively think about in order to love and live well.

The formal definitions of compromise (as a verb) are:

  1. to settle a dispute by mutual concession
  2. to accept standards that are lower than is desirable

These are the kind of related questions I want to ponder:

  • How does getting less of what I want help my marriage? Will it ultimately result in something better than I thought I wanted?
  • How will listening to other “sides” of political and social justice opinions bring understanding, unity, or something else?
  • How will lowering/changing my standards affect my overall happiness/joy?
  • To what extent is it healthy to give up my needs to accommodate another person’s and when do I need to use boundaries?
  • When do I give in to my kids’ food preferences when I’m trying to teach them to eat healthfully?
  • What are the right compromises for me in motherhood? How much time should I invest in my needs versus theirs? How much work outside the home?
  • ETC.

Back to last year’s word: restore. As I pondered the word throughout the year, I realized that the area it kept appearing was in regards to faith. I’ve been healing from past church experiences and also experiencing a deconstruction of faith, both of which have contributed to a several month wandering in a spiritual desert.

Towards the end of this past year, I’ve been experiencing a return to Jesus. I’ve made some peace with the past, and though there’s lingering frustration with the Church, I feel hopeful that my longing for relationship with Him has returned, and I know He’s the source of complete restoration.

I think reflection on compromise in the coming year will continue to inform my faith journey just as restore has.

Happy 2017 everyone! Hope to connect with many of you online or in real life this year.

Do you have a word for the year? Does having a word sound stressful or unnecessary?


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