December Favorite Things


Every so often, I like to share my favorites, because, well…it’s fun. If I was a savvy blogger, I’d have affiliate links and earn money but nope, not that committed of a blogger. I love hearing about other people’s tips and trends, so please comment with anything you’re loving at the end!

  1. Buying fair trade Christmas presents- Shopping to keep women out of sex trafficking and slavery? It’s a no-brainer! I have friends who sell with two great companies…
  2. The phrase “Basket of Deplorables.” Hillary Clinton may not have won the election, but she lingers on in our home with this phrase—her term for Trump supporters during the election season. It applies to absolutely everything. The huge bin of wires and technology in my laundry room. The pile of laundry. The filing that has to get done. Our kids. It’s well used around here.
  3. Canned jam: The jam I canned with fresh strawberries this past July is especially delicious in this fruit depleted time of year. Hot toast and strawberry jam, yum. Next summer, I promise to share the recipe and how-to if you don’t know the ins and outs of canning. This is when the work pays off.
  4. Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life: Duh. It’s safe to say we’re a nation obsessed. But what was with the ending? (Except it can’t be the end. There was definitely a to be continued… sentiment there.) Image result for gilmore girls
  5. Peppermint whip cream: Why can’t all things be paired in such amazing combinations?
  6. African Black Soap: Practically all your hygiene needs met in one product. (thanks for the tip, reader friend Erin)Product Details
  7. Common Core math– It’s actually enjoyable to learn new ways of figuring out second grade math. My daughter and I are sitting down nightly to do tape diagrams and number bonds. #chicbonding Though I used to think it was terribly inefficient, my high school math teacher friend Andrea gave me a positive vision for how it pays off. #inittowinit Image result for 2nd grade common core math
  8. The Lego advent calendar-How fun is it for a Lego lover to be able to open a door with a small figure every day before Christmas? My son adores this thing. (Oh, and he’s not naked in this pic…his shorts just aren’t showing).img_20161129_182729839
  9. Tanya Godsey’s Love Lines the Last Horizon- I love this album and the artist.Image result for loves lines the last horizon
  10. Books-A few I read recently that are sticking with me…   Image result for waking up whiteJust MercyA Woman's Place
  11. It Takes a Church: It’s the Christian version of The Bachelor (on Netflix). Lamesies? Kind of. But I’m a sucker for romance and pretend that all the couples find their perfect match and end up happily ever after.
  12. Moon hikes: On the night of the “super-moon,” we had a spooky hike in the woods next door. So magical.
  13. The Stanton Light from Birch Lane: I had my eye on this guy for a long time and finally ordered it during the Cyber Monday sale. Meet the dining room light for the new house. 
  14. Visiting old friends: I had the chance to spend 40 hours in Colorado for one of my dear friend’s 40th birthday. She knew I was coming to celebrate with her, but didn’t know about the party her husband had planned. It was a joy to walk into a restaurant alongside her as 30 people were waiting to surprise her, many of them my friends too, from when I lived in Colorado. What a gift to have friends that are so dear that time doesn’t change the comfort and love between us. (There are a number of you of that fit the description).
  15. This make-up deal: Get several full size Estee Lauder products (a $385 value) for $62 with any Estee Lauder purchase. If you need new make-up, it’s hard to pass up. (Available anywhere Estee Lauder make-up is sold–Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.) 
  16. This: Who will do this with me? Found at your local Target. target
  17. Rachel A. Mosley’s art– Check out my blog header, she designed it! Rachel blogs here:
  18. The Pioneer Woman Line at Wal-mart: If you want to have kitchenware that looks exactly like what you’ll find at Anthropologie at a fraction of the price…here you go. Thanks to my friend Ashlee for the tip. 
  19. Leslie Odom Jr.’s Christmas album- Ever heard of a little musical called Hamilton?This album by one of the main actors in Hamilton is a STUNNER. If you buy a new Christmas album every year, this one is a solid pick for this year.Image result for leslie odom jr christmas
  20. What are YOU loving? Games, sayings, words, items, places? And…go, leave them in a comment.




  1. Oh my word- that light! LOVE!

  2. Susan Ramsey says:

    Over the Rhine “Blood Oranges in the Snow”