A Few of My Favorite Things

Why should Oprah get all the fun? It’s natural to share favorite things dotting our lives. We do it in casual conversations with friends constantly…

“Have you tried X?”

“Did you know about Y?”

“We just discovered Z.”

So today I’m divulging my current little pleasures, small beauties, and tiny joys. Because today, and every day, I’m looking for the fun, the lovely, and the littles treasures of life. I find that small things like these, in a roundabout way, point back to a God who is a beauty-lover and the source of all  that is beautiful.

So look around your world and take delight.  Whether it’s something you’ve purchased, or something that’s free, appreciation of winsome details in life add to your understanding of God.

Aqua Mason Jars & Spring Flowers

The juxtaposition of colors is simply gorgeous.


Bolder Bands

Now that the mornings are light and warm, it’s not so hard to get out of bed and get a workout in. Especially with a Bolder Band headband to stylishly keep hair out of my face. They stay put during workouts and are also wonderful for days when showering isn’t the top priority. (Every day?)

Rooted by IF:Equip

Gorgeous aesthetic and a simple tool for studying the Bible, it’s a perfect 5 week study for a small group or on your own. Our Bible study group is diving into this one for summer. Purchase link below.

'Rooted' IF:Equip Summer Study


Contigo Water Bottles

They don’t leak, and they’re adorable. Isn’t that enough to switch brands?


Premier Designs “It’s Electric” Necklace

I love costume jewelry and always have, adding a pop of color to a simple outfit is usually how I dress. This necklace is my favorite right now and it’s from Premier Designs. My friend Lara could hook you up with it.


Trader Joe’s Coconut Cranberry Snack Crackers

My VBS co-leader introduced these Trader Joe’s newbies to me during our snack breaks last week. A sharp cheddar cheese and the TJ cranberry coconut wheat snacking crackers are the thing I crave most as a snack right now.

Binge-worthy Show: The Paradise

Downton lovers, rejoice! Here’s another show available on Netflix in the same vein. I love it, but was disappointed to learn there are only two seasons. I’m right in the middle of season one, trying unsuccessfully to watch slowly, wanting to savor it.

Salvage Brick

Did you know you could get vintage bricks that lay like tile?  Vintage Brick Salvage LLC takes old bricks and cuts them. They can be applied to walls just like tile and you can have an instant loft feel! I’m hoping to try this somewhere in the new house.


The Color Grey

I know the grey train has been in motion for a while, but as I am mired in details of building a house, this color keeps finding my eye. I especially am drawn to greys with brown undertones, for a warm, earthy feel. Our exterior home color is going to be some shade of grey, maybe the one below? Which, of course, doesn’t quite show up right on a camera phone.



For making gifts, social media memes, and artsy photo collections, Canva is a free place to be a visual artist. A recent blog post gives you the how-to.

An Intro to Canva & DIY Family Tree Print

Capri Blue Candles in Volcano

Amazon offers the same candle that Anthropologie sells as its signature scent. Now you can just add it to your Amazon order to bring the Anthro waft into your home.


Pictures of Hands

I’m loving taking photos of my kids’ hands, especially in nature.


Giants & Pilgrims

I love the marriage of art and music that is Giants & Pilgrims. Husband Tim is a musician and wife Betony is a visual artist. I have an album they did a couple years ago, Almanac No. 1, going nonstop in my car—my kids are singing the lyrics and requesting the songs. Betony’s prints are what I’m hanging on my walls and giving as gifts, when I can part with one of them.

Almanac No. 1 cover art

In a month, this list would be different. What are some of your current favorites?


  1. I LOVE it when you do these posts! Thanks for the all good ideas and sharing your finds!