Motherhood Is…

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My seasons of infertility, pregnancy, and childbirth are over; and I am in awe that I’m in full-swing motherhood! I am so thankful for my four and wanted to reflect on how motherhood has changed my life, in the good ways and the hard ways. I spent some time this morning brainstorming 100 thoughts about what motherhood is…DSC_0317

  1. Something I really wanted.
  2. Crying at commercials.
  3. Never being off duty.
  4. Stepping on small objects.
  5. Wiping mysterious things off the wall.
  6. Laundry, lots of laundry.
  7. Carrying around a soft pang of sorrow, even in the joy.
  8. Seeing the world as teachable moments.
  9. Letting sleep become less important.
  10. Driving an uncool car.
  11. Using your body as a machine.
  12. Fixing the wounds of the past.
  13. Voting with the future in mind.
  14. Not looking in the mirror.
  15. Not being in the photo.
  16. Fighting the sins of the generations.
  17. Painful muscles.
  18. Yearning for bedtime.
  19. Molding minds.
  20. Providing opportunities.
  21. A never ending stream of art projects.
  22. Creatively hiding vegetables.
  23. Policing candy.
  24. Having bathrooms that smell like urine.
  25. Fun holidays.
  26. IMG_1439
  27. Changing diapers.
  28. Finding wonder everywhere.
  29. Seeing your mannerisms in someone else.
  30. Serving three different meals for dinner.
  31. Getting asked multiple requests at the same time.
  32. Always having a buddy.
  33. Answering many questions.
  34. Longing for quiet.
  35. Getting to play.
  36. Trying not to compare.
  37. Seeing everything with a new lens.
  38. Cuddling babies.
  39. Wiping tears.
  40. Listening to stories.
  41. Telling stories.
  42. Singing songs.
  43. Knowing the preferences.
  44. Finding time for silly.
  45. Making memories.
  46. Loving with your all.
  47. Making home a place of refuge.
  48. Trying new things.
  49. Giving comfort.
  50. Passing on your faith.
  51. Helping your kids fall in love with what you love.
  52. DSC_0338
  53. Making lunches.
  54. Planning birthday parties.
  55. Screening friends.
  56. Setting up playdates.
  57. Walking and talking.
  58. Impromptu dance parties.
  59. Reading books.
  60. Getting homemade gifts.
  61. Watching your in-laws’ delight.
  62. A crummy floor.
  63. Complex traveling logistics.
  64. Prepping for everything before you walk out the door.
  65. Struggling with socks and shoes.
  66. Managing transitions.
  67. Cleaning out closets.
  68. Looking for passions in your child.
  69. Encouraging dreams.
  70. Searching for silence.
  71. Searching for lovies.
  72. Drowning in stuff.
  73. Shared smiles with a spouse.
  74. Too many photos.
  75. A sped up sense of time.
  76. IMG_0051
  77. Laughing at toddler words.
  78. Diagnosing symptoms.
  79. Monitoring safety.
  80. Making someone feel really loved.
  81. Seeing your sins.
  82. Persevering.
  83. Aging a little faster.
  84. Setting aside other options.
  85. Baby smells.
  86. Observing ah-ha moments.
  87. Teaching manners.
  88. Dealing with doctor’s appointments.
  89. A piece of your heart walking outside of you.
  90. Scheduling craziness.
  91. Experiencing unconditional love from others.
  92. Potty training.
  93. Telling you kids you love them.
  94. Long bedtime routines.
  95. Interesting purse contents.
  96. Craft management.
  97. IMG_1740
  98. Hugs and kisses.
  99. Giving your own mom gratitude and grace.
  100. A life-changing, all-encompassing, soul-searching, gut-wrenching, heart-warming state that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 


That’s the start, I could keep going and going! What else came to mind for you as you read? Have a great Mother’s Day, mamas.







  1. Cathy Wheeler says:

    Wow- a lot of laughing and crying with this post, Heidi. We can all identify with each of the 100 things. Loved it. Thanks!!! (Does the urine smell ever go away in the bathroom?? )

  2. Sally Hale says:

    Great job thinking of 100 universal mom experiences! So funny and relateable.