What Would Jojo Do?

I’m over at MKE Moms Blog today gushing on why I love Joanna Gaines… and it’s more than about just her design prowess. An excerpt:

What Would Jojo Do-

You know those WWJD bracelets popular in youth groups in the 1990s? I totally had one.

As cheesy as those were, they had a way of making a point. Before you do something, ask yourself how you’d emulate the actions of the main man in the acronym.

Since that fad evaporated years ago along with Bryan Adams and Keds, I’m resurrecting a new trend with a more lighthearted WWJD:

What Would Jojo Do?

Like half the women in the country, I have a girl crush on Joanna Gaines, one of the stars in HGTV’s home renovation show, Fixer Upper. Part of why we all love Jojo is that she’s got her design style dialed in. There probably hasn’t been an episode that didn’t include white subway tile, shiplap, french doors, cedar accents, or vintage inspired decor. *inspired sigh* Read the rest here.