What Breastfeeding Is Teaching Me About God


I know many of you have already heard, but just in case you haven’t….I’m at Today’s Christian Woman this week with an article on breastfeeding. I am definitely not a militant pro-breastfeeding person, I understand and have personally experienced that it’s not always the best choice for mom and baby. But this time, feeding my last little guy—Hudson—has been special for the ways it has drawn me to God. I’d love to have you read the article even if this isn’t your season of life. God speaks to us in different ways during different life experiences—I’d love to share what he’s been teaching me. Below is an article excerpt and the rest is available through the link.

As I breastfeed my fourth child—our last—I am savoring it more than in the past. We are beyond the early weeks when nursing is more challenge than enjoyment. Striving for the ever-elusive perfect latch, enduring engorgement, fighting through mastitis, and bearing sleepless nights are behind us now. My baby and I are in an easy rhythm that we both enjoy, and I find myself in a unique position: I’m seeing, clearly, how nursing brings together the physical, emotional, and spiritual to create a connection to God.

This wasn’t the case with every season of breastfeeding. With one of my daughters, we struggled through sessions that left us both crying due to her not latching properly and struggling to get any milk, and me being in pain. It was anything but a blissful picture of a mother-child bond. I decided to stop and the accompanying relief was met with feelings of guilt and a sense of failure.

Like all topics related to conceiving, bearing, and mothering children, breastfeeding can prompt reactions of smugness or sadness in women as we compare ourselves to others or to our own ideals. I am learning that the most important aspect of raising my children is trusting God’s provision for them rather than my own abilities to do all the “right” things. Breastfed or bottle-fed, my children are his to grow. Nursing is a function of womanhood, but it’s not a defining feature. No mother should be judged or made to feel less than because she doesn’t breastfeed by choice or circumstance.

You can read the rest here.


  1. Sally Hale says:

    Loved this! Breastfeeding really is a miracle. I enjoyed your insights on the parallel to intimacy with God. I always felt that though breastfeeding took so much time; i was so at peace doing it because i knew there was nothing more important that i could be doing. As a mom, to provide what my child needed and to build that intimacy with her was my primary concern. So i relaxed and just enjoyed that time. If i apply that same reasoning to my purpose in life and time spent with God (in the midst of such a fast-paced culture) it translates beautifully! Thank you!