Commit and Trust

Commit &

I am all over the place with my writing.

Do I focus on blogging? Writing articles? Am I supposed to write a book? Pitch to editors? Put together an e-book and gather email addresses for my blog? Am I creating enough of a social media presence? Do I know my nitch? Am I focused?

I might be o.k. not having all the answers to these questions if I didn’t feel so much emotional turmoil swirling around a hobby I didn’t even have three years ago. It would be really nice to package this desire to write up into a box and put it away on a shelf, like that crazy elf.

I’ve tried, but I always take the box back down and unpack it. Every time I write and actually complete something, I feel relief. fulfillment, pride. When readers engage with comments, I feel joy. When I start 16 different articles/posts/projects and complete none of them, I feel defeated. When I go days without posting something, I feel shame.

There are a lot of emotions that go with being a writer. Or any desire that wells up in your soul that will not be squelched.

It is hard to not be dashed about on the wave of whatever emotion is rolling in. We need something more stable than our emotions, an anchor, to help us frame our desires, hobbies, callings, work and commitments.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, 

but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. -Proverbs 19:21

I know when I am making plans, much of the time I have MY purpose in mind: I want to write a book. I want to go back to work. I want to volunteer for X. And when it’s all about me, my successes and failures elevate or deflate me and the corresponding emotions are right there.

If my goals are blocked: anger.

If I perceive myself as less-than: shame.

If I get a lot of readers on a piece: elation.

It is the LORD’s purposes that prevail anyway. If I can release my desires, time and talents to the Lord, everything I do will align with his purposes instead of mine and I can be freed of the emotional roller coaster of achieving my purposes. Easier said than done, though, right? I don’t have a 10-step plan for you to accomplish this. I have only a verse that I’m mulling over.

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5

When we are reeling in our purpose and plans, I think He is asking me, and you, to stop. Mentally, prayerfully, soulfully take our jumbled mess of emotions and back up a step or two. To commit and to trust. To sit back and watch Him act.

It says, He WILL act when we commit and trust.

It is o.k. that my writing is all over the place if it for his purposes anyway. I am his vessel and not one iota of my time is wasted if it is to his glory.

I wonder what is plaguing you today. If there is something you feel like you’re not accomplishing that you want to? Something you’re not sure if you should do or not? Something that feels more burden than joy?

He will provide you a snippet of time to get that thing done…if that’s what He wants.

He will move a mountain…if he needs to.

He will soothe those jumbled emotions out…if we hand them over.

He WILL act if we commit and trust because he says he will and his promises are always kept.

Gosh, I love it when my writing becomes a sermon to myself. 

I get it, God. Commit and trust in my writing. Commit and trust in my motherhood. Commit and trust with finding a new job. Don’t let these emotions rule me. Instead in awe and wonder, watch for you to move. 

Have patience with me, I’m learning…slowly.