Writing With Grace: Writing Course Sign-Up Launch Today

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Maya Angelou


I am so excited to share this amazing opportunity for those of you have a story inside you.

Sometimes it is hard to claim it. To say: “I am a writer.”

But if you are looking at the world and you see illustrations in daily life that need to be told, if you think reading can bring healing, if you are constantly stringing together words in your head…you’re a writer.

It’s taken me awhile to admit it. That I am one, because I never feel adequate enough to claim that label. But what I am learning is that it can be a decades-long craft. I don’t have to be a perfect writer today. As I keep writing and learning from better writers, I can hone my words to become more and more the writer I want to be. So that is why I am excited about Ann’s course, Writing With Grace. She is offering the chance to become a better writer in the comfort and flexibility of your own home. A college level course, but way more convenient. I think I know what I want for Christmas…

What is Writing with Grace?

Writing with Grace is a 6-week course aimed at helping writers strengthen and sharpen their writing voice, ability, and craft. It will be taught live and online on Tuesday nights, January 12th through February 16th, and classes will be recorded for students to watch on their own schedule. The course will be taught by Ann Swindell.

Who is Ann Swindell?

Ann Swindell has been writing professionally for nearly a decade, and her work has been featured in RELEVANT Magazine, Darling Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Deeply Rooted, (in)courage, The Influence Network, and multiple other publications.

Ann holds an MA in Writing from DePaul University and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Seattle Pacific University. She taught writing and creative writing courses at Wheaton College for five years as a college instructor and is passionate about helping other writers communicate clearly and powerfully as they seek to tell their own stories well. You can get to know her more at www.annswindell.com.

Who is Writing with Grace for?

This course is for the writer who wants to intentionally grow in the ability to communicate powerfully, beautifully, and effectively on the page. It is for the person who loves words and is looking to take her writing to the next level.

Ann is offering 15% off of the course today, November 17th only, using the code LAUNCHDAY.