The Almost Not a Post

Here’s my post for tonight:

I got a good one going for tomorrow. And I want to keep working on it. But it’s not ready yet, and since’s I’m in a #write31days challenge and have posted every other day so far, I must get something written tonight.

Today I belonged to my children and my chores. Making and cleaning up (the worst part) meals. Calling the dentist to get appointments made so I can let go of the mom guilt about their fuzzy teeth that need cleaning. Setting up playdates. Following my toddler around picking up all the things I let him pull out to satiate his curiosity.  Cheerleading my son who finally got into the school he was supposed to be at as he started in his new classroom today. Cleaning out a bunch of stuff I don’t need that was strangling me. Taking my kids to AWANA. Eyeing my computer. Writing in my head but not being able to let it land anywhere.

The list isn’t glamorous, but motherhood isn’t, really. It’s just what we do.

This post isn’t glamorous either. But moms with a urge to write,  write when we can. Sometimes it’s something we want the whole world to see, and other times we just slide it onto our blogs hoping no one notices. This is one of those posts.

It just proves I sat down behind my computer to stick with my challenge. And my day didn’t belong to me.