Creativity Takes Courage

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“Creativity Takes Courage” – Henri Matisse

Every night my husband and I mechanically whirl through the evening tasks. Dinner served, kitchen cleaned up, kids bathed, teeth brushed, lunches assembled, toilets wiped down, stories read, kids tucked in, bills paid and emails returned.

Weary, grateful, angry, cheerful, lonely, filled. The emotions ebb and flow as the demands are increasingly greater and then release, like a rubber band. All day, the crawl of the hours and sprint race to the end of the day. To start again tomorrow.

After the work is done, we assuage the monotony with the reward of a funny show and a bowl of calories. Isn’t there more? Can we exist beyond the daily grind?

Not without courage. Not without belonging to our creative, brave selves instead of our empty, hopeless selves.

…The courage to imagine a life of more.

…The courage to take a step forward with hope.

…The courage to to not give up.

…The courage to believe what is written.

…The courage to let go of the past.

…The courage to laugh when it’s crazy ugly.

…The courage to cry when the tears need to come.

The courage to creatively find the mystery, joy and life you wanted in the mundane; underneath the underwear in the laundry basket. To never settle for “I’m destined to this treadmill of chores.” To refuse to give up on the passions in your heart. To write when you have 20 minutes before bed. To call a friend when you have 5 minutes before school pick up. To go on a prayer walk when the evening stars are out.

Find the courage to conceive a creative life, if only in small snippets at first. Because it will grow. The thirst for the creative life will grow and though the mundane will still be there, the satiation will come in the living done around it.



  1. “Refuse to give up on the passions in your heart.” AWESOME! Great words for anytime, but particularly during this phase of #Write31days! This series on belonging has been awesome!!!!

    • Thanks Julie! Your encouragement always means so much to me. I really, really can’t wait to see you again face to face and hug you for the push to get me to join Redbuds. Life changing and I love you for it…


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