Day 12: Belonging in the Light

Last night on the sprawling city golf course near our home, the beauty was enchanting. The rolling hills awash in a glow of soft light, the trees bathing in the colors signaling their coming sabbatical and the wind gently tossing around the 70 degree air.

I’m just starting to toss around the idea that if I’m going to be with this guy for another 50 years, God-willing, maybe it’d be helpful to share in one of my husband’s favorite hobbies. So recently I’ve been tagging along when he golfs; I get to walk the course and sometimes am even petitioned to assist with menial tasks like reading the green (I’m usually wrong) or helping watch where his golf balls land after he wales them off the tee (I usually lose sight of it mid-arc).

Last night, I was too distracted to even attempt to be helpful.

My gaze followed the glowing sunlight around like a kitten with one of those laser pointers, enchanted and memorized.

I spent most of my time taking pictures on my phone; I thought you might want to see what all the fuss was about…


IMG_18321 IMG_18331 IMG_18341

God is good to use the physical world to display his spiritual truths. 

As I was drawn to the physical light of the setting sun, I was reminded of the Scriptures frequent use of the light and darkness metaphor.

God created light as an antidote to darkness, it was his first recorded brushstroke of his masterpiece. Jesus called himself the light of the world. Light drives out darkness. It cleanses. It exposes, it reveals. It represents all that is good.

We belong in the light. It’s where we flourish. Where we’re nurtured. Where we can grow. Where we see clearly. Where can know we’re loved. We’re drawn to it because we need it for life.

If you find yourself in darkness right now, hang on. There is hope. You’re not where you belong. In the darkness, you can’t see things as they really are. There isn’t true beauty, there isn’t hope. Darkness is the absence of light, of all that is good.

Call a friend, open the Bible, pray, wait. It’s coming. Don’t give up. The sun will rise again and the darkness will be only slivers of shadows on the greens.

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. John 1:4

That Light is waiting for us, to give us life.



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