Day 9: Not Your Parents’ Parenting

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The parenting pendulum swings from generation to generation. When I consider all the ways I belong to this generation of parenting, I’m not sure exactly what I’m swinging from or to, but I do know we’re doing it a little differently. Partly because the world is changing and partly because, well, we want to do it our own way.

Here are some of my observations in my own parenting, feel free to add yours in the comments…

  1. My kids get to eat cookie dough without me telling them it’ll make them sick. Salmonella schmallmonella.
  2. I iron, like, never. I don’t think people will judge me if my kid looks disheveled. Heck, what 4 year-old boy doesn’t?
  3. If I wash my kids sheets once a quarter, we’re good. Clean sheets don’t make me feel good about myself. Sunscreen application? Yes. Sheets, no.
  4. I probably won’t let my kid sleep over at someone’s house unless I’ve done a background check and full interrogation. And then, only with a nanny cam.
  5. iPads are my mother’s helper, not Mr. Rogers.
  6. Instead of telling my kids about “the kids in Africa” who have no food, we have names for ours: Benjamin and Keren, our Compassion-sponsored children.
  7. In my book, toys=clutter. Just let me have my zen space.
  8. I have to find school snacks that weren’t made in a factory with peanuts. Must keeping looking…must keep looking.
  9. Wall decals are preferable to wallpaper when decorating a kid’s room. Not a bad trend to leave behind.
  10. I feel a touch panicky about “all the opportunities” I haven’t exposed my children to yet. Mandarin classes, ballet, sports, computer coding for toddlers…I’m so behind. I think our parents were cool with shoving us outside to play “kick the can.”
  11. Halloween is awesome. I’m not worried my kids will become Satanists if we carve some pumpkins and go trick-or-treating.
  12. Use time-outs or any other form of discipline is preferable to spankings.
  13. Nightly homework checks show math is morphing—number bonds, what? Well, let’s face it…we didn’t have homework in first grade.
  14. Neither E.T. or the kids can phone home because there isn’t one.
  15. There’s no, “Shotgun,” followed by pushing and shoving to grab the front sheet. Our kids will be in boosters practically until they drive.

I better go check on the kids. They’re eating pizza and watching a movie, just like we did growing up on Friday nights.

Well, I guess some things don’t change.


  1. Love this! Especially the part about the boosters. Yeah, that;s about right. Were you kidding about the peanuts?

    • Not even kidding. No nut snacks in the classrooms.. it’s hard to find a lot of protein options that don’t involve nuts. 😛


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