Belonging Day 5: The Husband List and an Album Review


Artist Credit: Betony Coons, of Giants and Pilgrims. Album cover of their latest compilation, Becoming.

When I was 15 or so, like other good Christian teenage girls who dreamed of getting married, I made a list. The list.

All the qualities I needed my future husband to have. Anyone with me here? Surely one of you has an old journal sitting around with your list. (Rachel, I’m thinking of you.)

Mine went a little something like this:

My Future Husband: (written in carefully crafted bubble letters)

  1. Loves God
  2. Dark hair/dark eyes/handsome
  3. Makes me laugh
  4. Smart
  5. Loves the outdoors
  6. Likes to workout/stay fit
  7. Wants kids
  8. Likes to travel
  9. Good provider
  10. Musician

A little shallow? Perhaps. But hey, I was 15.

It was #10 that was kind of my bonus one. It’d be really, really nice to to marry someone who knew his way around music—because music has a way into my soul; maybe yours, too. At a minimum, it makes me feel like I belong to something bigger than myself and at best helps me understand where that craving to belong comes from and who it is for.

Turns out I married a guy that embodies the list, but his musicianship really stood out from the beginning. Music had a big part is us falling in love and is part of the glue that continues to hold us together. We first met on a worship team in college where we become friends and just last night we were singing the latest song he wrote together.

So really, that whole intro was basically to share that music has always been meaningful to me, enough to put it on the husband list. And why I’m so excited to direct you to another website today.

I just wrote my very first album review—for Foundling House, a site founded by a musician friend of mine, Adam Whipple, as a home for intentional writing. My review was of the latest album by Giants and Pilgrims, Becoming, a refreshing compilation that you will not want to miss. It’s an example of music at it’s best, giving illumination to our inner workings.

So go ahead, click through to Giants & Pilgrims music review.

See you back here tomorrow for day six of #write31days!



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